The Elements Of The Baptism Party

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The elements of the Baptism Party

The baptism party is a two -part event: religious importance and social activities.

Although it is true that the religious ritual produces the social case, the organization is promoted by the tradition and taste of the parents. The baptism party is to grant the new member, for which we thank God and for which we ask him when he was presented in the temple, the opportunity to share with their families, friends and acquaintances the blessing in his earthly life.

The baptism party invitation is distinguished by its elegant cake designs. Illustrations such as ships, teddy bears, butterflies, bibs, cups, ties and ties, that evoke the trend moment of the first day of the child, are just some of the most used ideas for the creation of baptism cards.

On that occasion, both parents selected the dates of the celebration along with the child’s parents and went to the church and the temple to decide the day and time of religious celebration. After receiving this information, invitations to the baptismal party are sent.

The combination of colors in balance and beauty is of primary importance for the planning of the case. The typical thing is to mix pastel colors like green and yellow with pink, when the boy is a girl, and blue. The latest designs, however, mix pastel tones with bright colors, maintaining balance and style in decoration.

The tables are appropriately decorated for sweets and desserts. The sweets table can be emphasized with flags, transparent glass containers and the use of dishes and elegant and discreet cabinets. Other decorations such as one, two or three levels are excellent substitutes, remembering that the emphasis of an elegant decoration is dessert. Drinks will be generally placed in a separate and strategic place, appropriate to the spaces where the baptism party is celebrated.

In baptisms, as a reminder of this important date, it is common to send small gifts to those present. Tape ties can be used in several ways to decorate the sets, which can have decorative ties with candles, caramelized almonds, noodles or cookies, and children, protagonists of the event, with a small card. The commemorative card will bear the name of the parents, the followers, of the temple in which the baptism and the date of the same.

In other days, babies carried a family relic on their baptism day, which passed from family members to relatives and on that sacred day all babies wore her. This suit was built and made with considerable care and precision since it was thought that it was used for many years, from generation to generation.

However, parents and fortune tellers are actually very diverse and there are several considerations that decide their preference. Considering the trends of fashion, warmth, beauty and good taste of the child.

The selection of light and sound is very important for a baptismal group, because it is real for joy to take in the environment, but it is important to take note of the participation of children of various ages. The group’s duration must be adapted to the baptized needs. Baptism party schedule is normally during the day, morning or night.

The candle is a fundamental element for the Church ceremony, since it represents the light that leads to the direction of Catholic life, which were baptized. This candle is unique because, although it can be completely white, they are more in line with the purity of the newborn, it is often traditional to carry beautiful candles painted and adorned with bands or flowers of a color that identifies the sex of the baby. In fact, it must be used on the day of First Communion as the same candle.

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