The Efficient Model Of The Zara Supplies Chain

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The efficient model of the Zara supplies chain

What are the key success factors of the Zara company?

That its supply chain is very efficient since it is manufactured by Inditex its distribution center allows all stores worldwide to be free of warehouses, since they are supplied by two kisses per week to this to denote that the competition has to beopting for another system to cope.

How do your supply chain manage to be a competitive company?

The Zara store is located so that the customer when entered the store is fascinated with clothing garments, since it is strategically accommodated so that they are easy to obtain and how it knows that the time of existence in store can be very shortCompare it.

What links do you identify in Zara’s supplies chain?

The company Inex only has designs for a certain time and that its production only has it told to a one with reference to the competition that takes longer to launch the new designs, but it has more sizes available and the models that the client wants.

How can the supply chain be a source of competitive advantage for many organizations?

Zara shows three rooms one for lady another for gentleman and one more for childperforming their best effort in each model that will be yet to launch supporting their managers in small round tables so that they can give their opinion and give their point of view in each decision making everyone collaborate and feel part of the company.


The impressive way that Zara drives with his supply chain system to its stores worldwide is impressive how quickOpt for this model that convinces.

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