The Education Before And Today’S Possibilities

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The education before and today’s possibilities

At present, online or distance education has acquired great importance, since there is an important lag in the country to continue with academic preparation, mainly at the upper and upper middle levels.

Personally, this program is allowing me to continue with my studies, because by an accident, I was physically unable to conclude my high school. For years, I tried to resume it through several options without success, since for health reasons, in some options I had to make very long transfers, in others I had to attend at times that interfere with my physical rehabilitation. Looking on the Internet, I found this platform so valuable that my life has changed and that offers me all the required tools. Thanks to what exists I know that my physical condition will not prevent me from achieving my dream, in the future, making a professional career.

In general, I think that this new way of studying offers the opportunity to continue preparing people who have to combine it with their activities, whether work, family or health, through the advantages granted by the Prepanet platform that is increasinglyimportant and recognized for its results obtained.

The similarities between traditional education and online education are that both allow us. One of the differences between the two types of education is that in the first. On the other hand, in the second, you can study from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and do it through a technological device (usually a computer), at the schedules that you choose. This program will also teach you to be self-taught and give you the possibility of knowing new forms of learning.

I consider that traditional or face -to -face education will continue to be a great option for most people who have no problem taking their studies in a school. Not so for people who, due to their age, for their work, family commitments, for their physical, economic, racial or even their religion, cannot enroll to the previous system and the possibility of today is to do so through the new option thatis distance education. That is why, the latter has had a great boom in recent years and perhaps in a short term it is one of the solutions to reduce the worldwide educational lag. 

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