The Economy In Ancient Civilizations

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The economy in ancient civilizations

During the history of economic thought there were great advances in the economy, that is, it was evolved differently over time, however, moments of stagnation and great evolutions have been evidenced. After the old age the economy did not have its own space as a science, it was immersed within philosophy in views related to the administration.

The economy over time began to be associated with public affairs in the year of 1615 when Monchrétien announced his book on finance of the State that was titled as a "Treaty of Political Economy", this book was extended throughout society,Then Marshall at the end of the 19th century decided to call her simply economy. For most authors the economy begins to conceive as science from the great work of Adam Smith, entitled "The wealth of nations", which is a compilation of economic problems developed by various mercantilist authors.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, a large group of economists began to be released that frightened by the pauperization that developed together with industrialization, stated a socialist thought in which Owen, Saint Simon and Fourier among others are noted among others.

Then Karl Max appeared was the one who examined in detail the classical theory and contributed to the historical review of the formation of capitalism, the theories about money and repetitive crises derived from the concentration of income. During this part of the 19th century, economic thesis arose that resumed the contributions of mercantilists around the need to implement the industry and protect it with commercial regulation, which opposed the theses given by Smith and Ricardo regarding the deregulation of international trade in international trade. That economic science has not had a good development in the ancient world does not mean that during that time contributions will not be made to economic knowledge and much less that there are no economic facts that today is occupied economic science as is theProduction and income, commerce, social classes that participate in production and income, money, government control over production and trade, state intervention to promote production and increase income distribution.

Greek thinkers began their economy studies, based on the analysis of the administration of casual resources at home, these studies could not arrive has been very advanced due to the great complexity that existed in the development of production and marketing, the contributions that occurred in the economy were given around the clergy-hedonism relationship with great ethical and religious importance.

The modern economy occurs from the second half of the 18.

It can be affirmed that during the ancient Greek thought the history of economic thought can be traced even if it does not have the complexities of a modern science like that of our antiquity. You can try to understand that the Greeks were concerned about home administration and the birth of some ideas that were managed by other social sciences that were of greater importance in their time such as philosophy. During the Middle Ages something similar was given because the economy was related within moral philosophy.  

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