The Economy, Consumerism And The New Rules Of Capitalism

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The economy, consumerism and the new rules of capitalism

In the sector of the economy in which we are, we are all accomplices of the biggest problem that society faces, consumerism. The capitalism that the new survival rules are putting, have been promoting companies to the use of consumer addiction, which does not know how to differentiate between consumption and consumerism, we have been following all the standards that considers itselfCommunity with the alleged deception that we are moving for a better future, but in consumerism, there are many issues behind, such as the exploitation of the environment, drastic changes in life standards, waste in salaries, in addition to an excess of an excess ofDisipid products in the future, many more problems entails this type of disease and anyone can even have it.

The economy as it is well known is the science that studies the production of goods and services, from these certain economic systems are derived, such as capitalism, communism and socialism, all these have key concepts, in their development as byExample communism with the equality of goods and services, socialism with the social property of the media, finally, capitalism, should be stressed that it is mostly used worldwide, however it is not better than the previous ones, because this has already shown that by giving a hierarchy and economic status it is sweeping the world and its inhabitants.

Since the beginning of capitalism has brought many problems, some increased and others appeared for the first time, such as consumerism, this is accompanied by consumption, this problem is considered a disease because this is characterized by a compulsive desire toObtaining things that exceed their vital needs, so that with the arrival of capitalism worldwide, a radical change in the population is experienced, which demanded a greater amount of products, which did not stop, despite the growth of thePopulation accompanied him.

As time progresses they have been inventing every more with the problem of not being necessary, rather they are a whim of the population. Is consumption only bad if the only thing that occurs is useless?. All in excess is bad, and the amount required by consumerism, leads to subordination, labor and environmental exploitation. Consumerism is bad if what is produced is useless.

In conclusion it is not the amount of products that generates the greatest number of problems, ultimately the problem is that what is produced is necessary and not only whims that waste all resources, and also exploit the middle class. The capitalist economic system in my opinion has generated consumerism as the worst disease of the new era.


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