The Dream Is A Physiological Need That Living Beings Have

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The dream is a physiological need that living beings have


The dream is a physiological necessity that living beings have is considered as a phase of rest and recovery, that is, there is a suspension of all the senses and movements, within it various events occur, for example: respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc. It is said that dreams have a significant link with the consolidation of memory is so it has effects with learning.


Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a litigation that lasts seconds or minutes, it is that the body’s musculature is uninclosedly accompanied by episodes such as hallucinations (visual, auditory or sensitive) the most common are sensitive or visual, less frequent auditory auditory. It is claimed that this event appears in a sleep stage called ReM, they explain that this phenomenon arises and are also more likely to suffer when there are alterations in rest due to any situation, too many hours of travel also consume caffeine, alcohol or other substancesthat harm health. 

Academic performance

Also known academic performance or school aptitude, do not confuse between academic performance (it covers young people or adults who study the university) and school performance (refers to school or school children). Several authors agree that the academic performance is intendedthe exams. 


When talking about rest that is a state in which the human being feels mentally or physical: calm, rejuvenated and ready to have a day full of new daily activities. To maintain adequate rest that is not synonym for immobility, rather requires emotional relaxation and anxiety. Resting does not only refer to sleep there are several methods one of them is: reading, listening to music, dance, singing physical activity like yoga. Every person can rest in situations of irritability, anger, labor or academic overload, etc.

Quality of life

The quality of life is defined as social welfare also called social happiness within it covers the satisfaction of desire for example money, employment, health is physical or mental, education and occupying an important place in society. When we talk about the quality of university life, the concept is more important because they are being formed for the future of their life is personal or professional. Consider that today’s students will form a quality of life (social economic) to the country.


It is the result of effort in all activities that are carried out daily in a physical or mental way is also considered as an emotion, fatigue is related to cardiovascular, muscular, neuromuscular exhaustion, activity of oxygen and nutrients. Fatigue is also considered as a state of fatigue, exhaustion that lead to symptoms as discomfort even not having a good relaxation.

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for studying an extensive field about problems that are related to the heart and blood vessels. These pathologies are usually due to atherosclerosis, a pathology that manifests itself because fat and cholesterol are agglomerate in arteries. The accumulation is called Ateroma Plate. With the passing of time it can cause various cardiovascular problems. 


Drowsiness is the tendency of the person to fall asleep at any time of the day, being one of the main symptoms of various diseases, including primarily sleep disorders, affecting the proper cognitive functioning of the individual who suffers from it. The main cause of drowsiness is sleep deprivation, although it can also be manifested as a side effect of some drugs. 

Sleep apnea

Apnea syndrome is a very frequent alteration during the sleep process, obtaining a progressive evolution, and if it is not treated in advance it can become chronic, this syndrome manifests by continuous episodes of complete pharyngeal obstruction (apnea) or partialapneas) While the person sleeps, this originates as a consequence of a greater or lesser degree of collapse of the respiratory path.

Academic stress

Academic stress occurs when a person is in periods of studies and looks tight due to all academic demands such as fulfilling tasks, exams and exhibitions These stressful agents make the student not handle their emotions well.


It is summarized that anxiety is a state of uneasiness, agitation and restlessness that a person can experience, leading him to have emotional and mental tensions, since it also manifests itself by negative or fear thoughts, affecting the health of the individual.


The methodology consists in studying all the methods or procedures that are required to be able to conduct or guide an investigation seeking the solution and perfection of scientific problems in different fields of knowledge.


It is an affective disorder that manifests itself mainly by a person’s low mood, affecting their social relationships, people suffering from depression even have suicidal thoughts.


Insomnia is one of sleep disorders that affects a large percentage in people this refers to the problem to have a start, maintain or achieve complete duration and quality, thus has a good condition and good condition of natural vigil again. When there are inconveniences with insomnia, deterioration is linked, whether work activities, daily, school until a disease is more prone to suffer from a disease. WHO tells us that for the diagnosis of insomnia he must suffer symptoms at least one month.


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