The Domestication Of The Wolf To The Dogs Of Today

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The domestication of the wolf to the dogs of today

Many years ago, before dogs learned to collect tennis balls or curled up with their owner on the couch, they had purely wild and violent ancestors. The dog has its origin in the wolf, if you want to know how our rival has gone to be our best hairy friend you can continue reading its story.

The story tells that the first humans have formed associations with the Gray Wolf. The two species have crossed, the wolves became docile and less frightening. Over time, the wolves have changed the shape of their body and also their temperament. They learned to read expressions in human faces and have become what we know today as dogs.

No one would have imagined that the dog has its origin in the wolf, but this is reality. Today the canines are part of our lives and have become our great friends. Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by the human being, even before cats, cows or sheep.

Hundreds of years ago, when tribes and humans existed lived in nature. These slept not far from the wolves, since they shared prey in common. The wolves saw the bonfires from long distances and smelled the mammoth flesh while it was roasted.

Once humans lifted the camp, the wolf approached quietly to eat food remains. This was the strange beginning of the great friendship that exists today between these two species.

It is believed that the first step was taken by the wolf, particularly by the youngest. They, with their curious, daring personality and their desire to play they would have approached humans. Since adults are characterized by having a more cautious temperament.

While it is clear that the trunk was the trunk of which the domestic dog was segregated, the question of when that domestication process began immediately arises. Most of the studies carried out that date in an interval between 33.000 and 10.000 years ago, but others are not missing that place it in much more remote times.

In summary, the domestication of the dog has been considered a continuous process divided into two stages: in the first, primitive dogs were domesticated from the wolf;In the second, domesticated dogs were selected looking for a certain morphology or enhancing some skill or aptitude. 

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