The Documentary And Review Of Cowspiracy

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The documentary and review of Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy is a documentary that talks about ecological issues focused on the environment, the food of human beings, and as the main subject: sustainability.

The documentary based on real data, shows us that the livestock sector produces an incredibly greater greenhouse effect than the same use of urban transport (cars, airplanes, train, buses) that produces around 13% of greenhouse gases compared to comparison with comparison with comparison Livestock that produces 51%. Everything is because thanks to the process of digestion of cattle, there is a huge amount of methane that is 25 to 100 times more harmful than vehicular CO2, directly affecting global heating weakening the ozone layer with these gases. Also another risk factor with the overexploitation of the livestock industry is: the excessive consumption of resources and the accelerated environmental degradation. The issue of excessive consumption of resources leads us to become aware of the great water collection that we use for that industry’s field: livestock. This productive sector uses 34 billion gallons alone in the United States. For the food industry it is another great challenge: the excessive use of hydraulic captures. To be able to consume about 100 grams of meat, more than 660 gallons of water were used, an overwhelming amount. In the United States, water intake and for domestic use consumes about 5% compared to 55% used for animal agriculture.

Thanks to an analysis made by World Bank researchers, announced that livestock was responsible for 51% of greenhouse gases in the world and not as mentioned the UN with 18%. This figure is devastating, since it is a consequence of the felling of trees, for grazing, maintenance and waste of animals. This type of practices consumes a third of all the drinking water on the planet, also occupies 45% of the land of the planet and is responsible for 91% of the destruction of the Amazon, in a nutshell: the livestock sector contributes to all environmental evils known to humanity.

Around 10,000 years ago all animals were part of 99% of the biomass that existed on the planet, today, animals are only part of 2%, compared to 98% that everything consumed by the human being. Basically the main cause of species loss is due to overparation, the loss of habitat due to livestock and overfishing in seas and oceans. 4,000 m3 of forests are talked per second (which is equivalent to a soccer field per second). A third of planet Earth has become desert, due to overpass.

In summary: abstinence to meat intake contributes greatly to counteract climate change, overexploitation of natural resources, greenhouse gase pollution and mainly: to your health. Promoting environmental practices such as vegan diet intake significantly reduces CO2 emission by half compared to what a cow produces. 

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