The Doctor Should Be A Good Person Before Good Student

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The doctor should be a good person before good student

The way the doctor treats the patient has to be a situation of great importance. When someone expresses that they want to study to be a doctor, people begin to talk about a lot of qualities and knowledge that they should have, they generally say that it has to be good in biology, science, chemistry, that you must have a pleasure for reading, goodMemory, being very intelligent, having the capacity to withstand long shifts, etc … But why does no one talk about the truly important part, the human part? No one talks about having to be a person full of values, respectful, educated, responsible, empathic … those are the attitudes that must be valued, the student academically speaking can achieve good grades reading many books, but none of them can teach him howbe a good person.

The quality of patient care at the time of consultation is equally important as the knowledge that the doctor has to help the patient. If a patient feels a bad attitude in his doctor, he is likely to omit a lotIt generates trust, because it feels that the doctor does not have a real interest in his illness but only seems to want to fulfill his work of having made a consultation regardless of how he does it and already. That is why it is so important to maintain a good attitude, show the patient that we are really interested in knowing what his problem is and helping to solve it.

Empathy is a fundamental quality that all doctors should have, this is a form of approximation to the other, in which it is tried to put in the place of another person, in which it should be understood that the rest of the people also have problemsLike us, they are also dealing with their own conflicts, and lead a battle against these. In the case of medicine, empathy helps us understand what is happening to the patient and favors the good result of the medical-patient relationship. This quality can be demonstrated in various and simple ways, something as simple as a greeting but that sometimes many people overlook it, the fact of calling the patient by name, being cordial, demonstrating that an active listening is being carried out,treat with respect and be attentive. They are attitudes that can bring very good results in the consultation, which promote an environment of tranquility, facilitate better communication, the patient probably has more adherence to treatment and will feel more capable of facing their diseases thanks to the good environment in whichHe is and the good relationship he has with the people who help him treat his health problems.

Today it is very common to find people who, when leaving a medical appointment, refer disgust, even some are angry, and it is normal for this to occur from time to time, since it becomes very difficult to please the requests of all people and thisIt can generate anger, but the problem is that this situation is becoming very frequent and we can observe it in our environment. This means that it is time for a change to be generated before the situation worsens, this change should be focused on education, excellent doctors are being formed in terms of their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, but to the human part, toThe values and all the qualities that form a good person are not giving the importance that it deserves and it becomes imperative to evaluate this situation and think about what type of doctors are those that are being formed for the future.

In order to start acting in this problem, you have to investigate the cause, what has been causing the change and lack of empathy in doctors? One of the causes may be related to the competence environment that has been given since the race is entered, the competition is not bad, it is something that helps us overcome and fight for our achievements, but in this case thedevelopment of individual doctors training. We must promote teamwork, cooperation, help to others, are important attitudes that have to be reflected in acting in front of patients and the entire community in general.

Another cause may be focused on the health system and the institutions providing it, at the time of consultation doctors can have the time factor against, consultation times have been greatly reduced and sometimes patients do not even reachBeing examined in a good way, because the time imposed by health services providing. This happens because these institutions do not see the patient as someone who requires help and expects time to be dedicated, but that they see them as clients, this fact is already out of the hands of the health personnel, but despite the fact that the guidelinesThey generate pressure on the eagerness of money, doctors and all medical personnel have the ability to attend in a good way, that part is no longer controlled by any other person. This situation can affect the attitude on the part of the doctors in the office, but it is not an excuse to justify a bad treatment.

Another factor is the lack of empathy from the patient to the doctor, respect and understanding has to be in both directions, for health personnel it is difficult to have to endure so many situations, so many ill -treatment, disrespectful patients, people who come onlyTo look for an inability and not go to work, people who dare to violate physically or verbally. People forget that the professional who is attending to them is a common citizen who also has problems, who have other tasks to meet, other patients who attend and get angry if they suddenly do not give them inability, if they do notThey send all the exams they ask;They forget that this person who is attending to them has guidelines to which he has to respond, that he has rules to follow and therefore cannot always comply 100% the needs of all.  

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