The Disappearance Of Venezuelans Money

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The disappearance of Venezuelans money

Hundreds of hospitals with unhealthiness situations, thousands of families in overcrowding conditions and millions of dollars destined for accounts abroad are some of the key points that stand out in the embezzlement to national institutions and companies led by the government.

In 2005, a former government official of Néstor Kirchner issued a statement to justice that showed The exact figure of 312 million dollars.

Currently, Nervis Villalobos who performs the position of Minister and Deputy Minister of the Venezuelan state of the giant Venezuelan company.

$ 180.600 million is estimated that it was the figure that was around the accounts registered in the Swiss Bank HSBC, Venezuela being the third country with the largest amount of money deposited, specifically $ 14.800 million, and that according to Armando.Info left users related to the National Treasury and Bank of the Treasury.

On the other hand, the Court of Instruction 28 of Madrid opened the investigation against the formerosoreros (between 2007 and 2013) of the Nation Alejandro Andrade and Claudia Díaz, for the reception of $ 1.000 million from bribes that among many things were destined to the purchase of luxurious apartments and mansions in the Spanish capital.

In the first half of 2019, the situation at Hospital J.M. of the rivers was affected due to the unhealthiness problems that attacked the enclosure, and that beyond this the lack of medical supplies and transplants (such as bone marrow) charged the lives of 6 infants, and by their side the current Venezuelan president responsible for the US government for the economic measures and blockages imposed on Venezuela.

It is normal for a good amount of national funds to guarantee the good nutrition and food of children representing the future of the nation, because, in Venezuela the malnutrition index has reached the alarming figure of 56%.

Another of the nations that has opened investigations around Venezuelan money is Ecuador, demonstrating that in past years of the Government of Chávez and Correa, facades or fictitious companies were created simulating foreign trade operations with Venezuela, in addition to the use of El Sucre, virtual currency used as a means of money laundering.

The cases of nepotism that indicate strong relations with corruption cases point directly to the Cabello family since 2012, which being José David and Marleny Family Contreras direct from Diosdado Cabello (brother and wife) exert high power charges as Minister of Industries and former tourism minister, and in turn have received the testaferros label

As for corruption index, in 2013 Venezuela was in 160 of the 177 countries evaluated, only exceeded in the American continent by Haiti as the most corrupt country in the aforementioned index.

With the main question more than clarified, it only remains to say that bad economic management can end the riches of a nation and the life of a people full of joy, beyond the thoughts and philosophies that can be applied, the acts of corruption They are not worthy of any fair and loyal government; And to a large extent it reflects the hard situation that Venezuela is led by the same faces for more than twenty years.

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