The Directive Skills Demanded By Digital Companies

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The directive skills demanded by digital companies

Those who deal with the management of a company cannot disregard technological transformation in all aspects of the company. Within management skills, competition in digital resources is a basic condition to adapt to the times that are running.

An example is online sale, which offers unlimited capacity to generate customers at one click. Imagining a marketing director outside the digital media is almost impossible, at least in the context of a successful company. Unthinkable would also be a logistics chief without the elements of current digital communication.

Management skills: traditional and digital

The categories in Business Administration have been updated, as well as the skills and competencies of those in charge of each area of an organization. To traditional management skills, the qualification of ‘digital’ is added in many cases.

This is the domain of the methodologies and systems referring to the Internet, necessary for the use of a CEO. That is, to launch a company based on designed strategies, in order to improve sales and communication of the company.

Who should the proposals arise to give course to the digital transformation of a company? The answer is from its managers;It should be remembered what are the main qualities of a manager, manager or head of a company:

  • Leadership: Ability to encourage subordinates. Open path in difficulties and not lose course in the face of the different attacks on the market;be empathic.
  • Teamwork: ease of promoting cooperation, to know how to delegate and to create interdepartmental work instances, among others.
  • Ability to adapt to the new: it is essential to be creative. In the times, creativity is one of the most necessary management skills for the survival of a company.
  • Know how to communicate: it is not just what is said, but how it is said. A good interlocutor does not need to say things twice.



The list of directive digital skills is long and could be more. In any case, the concept has been clear: a manager needs to face technological transformations creatively. In practice, a tour of the digital skills that every leader 3.0 must contribute to your company.

  1. Global vision from the strategic point of view: although the Internet offers an invaluable sales channel, it is useless to launch without an organized process of the process. Global strategies involve general planning, adapted to each of the existing media, communication and distribution.
  2. Information control: Within the management skills demanded by digital companies, good information management is indispensable. Digital communication begins from within and is emerging towards the image that wants to occur abroad.
  3. Domain of digital tools: digital knowledge must cover those specific Internet resources from the main areas of the company. It is not enough to know and know how to apply on the networks;It is necessary to be able to add feeds, IFTTT, and others.
  4. Knowing Internet language: It is not required, of course, that management skills include being internet programmers. However, internet communication is not the same as in other media. To position the company, SEO tools (labels, keywords and categories) cannot be ignored, among other characteristics of this tool.
  5. Permanent training: It is clear that digital companies have a lot of budding potential. A manager who intends to sustain and improve his work must understand the importance of continuous learning;Of these and many other points about business technology.


The satisfaction of customer needs is, in short, the main objective of those who want to train, innovate and transform your company into views of digital changes. Although it may seem like a titanic task;The truth is that, once within the digital tide, it is understood that these are resources where the key is the optimal user experience.

In summary, the digital transformation of companies has come to stay. Who includes among their managerial skills those demanded by the digitalized market, may capture not only the respect of its employees;but, above all, the arrival of new customers.    

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