The Difficult Situation That The Families Of A Patient With Alzheimer’S In Ecuador Live

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The difficult situation that the families of a patient with Alzheimer’s in Ecuador live


Alzheimer’s is a chronic degenerative disease of the brain, which causes dementia in people who are diagnosed with this evil, being generally people cataloged in the elderly group, and more usually in women and this is not related to hormones or other otherFactors related to women, it is because these tend to have a much higher life index than men (Digital, 2018). Alzheimer’s produces memory loss that becomes more aggressive as the disease progresses, this being the fourth cause of death in the elderly and without cause of appearance and nor cure for it. (Fundación Tase, 2019) It is estimated that in Ecuador there are approximately 100 and 120 thousand people affected by Alzheimer with just a few centers in charge of their treatment (journalism students, 2019). In addition, with an approximate of 45 million Alzheimer’s diagnosis worldwide, it is estimated that by 2050 more than 130 million patients are registered (Landívar, 2017). But, although this is still a chronic disease, who live the worst part are the relatives of the patients, who have to adapt to a new lifestyle, educate themselves in specialized care for patients with Alzheimer’s and, finally, see howThe people who knew are slowly lost in dementia and oblivion.

With just 3 specialized centers in treating Alzheimer. A person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The patient first begins with slight symptoms such as headache, dizziness and mild insomnia but their symptoms become more aggressive when there is confusion, humor changes, disorientation and, finally, difficulty in handling their emotions, remembering and coordinating movements (Tase Foundation, 2019). But as mentioned above, families are the most affected because their loved one begins to have brief episodes of confusion, at an early or initial stage of Alzheimerconcern. Then, the patient’s desire not to accept his condition and not start a specialized treatment, write notes everywhere to remember important people or moments in his life, causing great sadness in the hearts of children, husbands or relatives of the affected,When the time comes to treat the disease, the patient’s relatives have to pay complete attention to everything and every day of the patient, leaving his work life on his way and, because no, also his social life, since without supervision the affected person can leaveTo the street and never return home, increasing the figures of the Ministry of Interior that registers almost 150,000 disappearances being of these 15% elderly related to Alzheimer’s.

When the symptoms are so serious, relatives must develop methods or treatments so that those affected do not forget their family and home, this is the case of Zulay who was diagnosed 4 years ago with Alzheimer’s and, because although the disease has no cure,His life has a strict treatment in sugar consumption since this reduces to some extent the progress of his illness, he also carries a rigorous diet of oligoelements such as iron, zinc, magnesium, which are found in nuts, legumes, seafoodAnd whole grains, in addition his daughter who is the one who takes care of her also carries her feeding rhythm to prevent the potential risk of developing hereditary Alzheimer’s. Zulay is a lover of the halls and her relatives have managed to use this instrument to take care of Zulay’s health since she is not adept to perform other treatments such as assembling puzzles or walking, this being proper to her illness. You could say that Zulay’s daughters found in the song a new therapy for her mother.

Likewise, there are documented cases, in the Alzheimer’s terminal stage, where there are families that are only made up of husbands, that is, they had no children, and for having little or even sometimes without support they take their loved one to a centerSpecialized so that he can carry out a treatment according to the evolution of his AlzheimerVery advanced cases, of falling in love with another patient who is asylum in the same center, now, forgetting his loved one forever produces immense pain in, no longer in one, but in two families who have to live taking care of aPatient diagnosed with this incurable Alzheimer’s disease.

In Ecuador, collective awareness about Alzheimer’s disease is sought, since it is estimated that around 65 older adults are diagnosed with this pathology and according to the World Health Organization, 70% are linked to Alzheimer’s. The month of September has been called the month of Alzheimer’s and Ecuador, activities such as walks, proclamations, concerts, sports games are carried out in order to attract the attention of the company for its awareness, there are several foundations, institutions and voluntary groups responsible for carryingThese social campaigns, the Transcendent Foundation with love, service and excellence (TASE) offer family members and caregivers a specialized support and preparation group called “Circles of Love” where treatment is better sought and providing a betterway to carry the disease with the affected.

In conclusion, we have that the Alzheimer. Despite all the bad forecasts, the family will always be present to help you and assist you. In the case of Zulay, her daughters and caregivers think that in that way they are returning all the time and care that her mother gave them when they were little girls. And now I ask you, how would you be able, if you were in the situation of having a relative diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, to take care of your loved one and lead to his painful disease with him? Wouldn’t you mind giving care and affection as long as necessary? Well, I would be able to care about the time I have to give. And you?


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