The Different Behaviors That A Person Has In Terms Of Personality Disorders

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The different behaviors that a person has in terms of personality disorders


Through the investigation carried out we must identify what is the personality? So it can be established that personality is a psychological construct that means this, that it is a hypothetical identity, which refers to a dynamic group of the psychic characteristics of an individual, which manifests the internal organization that determines that people actIn different ways before the circumstance that arises.

This topic will help students to make aware of how important each of the psychological and sexual and sexual phenomena that can occur in the human being, therefore, will explain the concepts of the differentDisorders in the personality of the individual as in his sexual life, so that we establish each of his types and the structure that can be contained in the person, we must also refer to the psyche of his mind instituting the level of psychological stateaffecting its social environment.

He says that "personality disorders are characterized by patterns of thought, perception, reaction and lasting and repetitive relationships that causes important anguish in the affected person, so this affects their ability to develop" 

In addition, personality can be described as a system of psychological creation, so personality traits become evident and this affects increasing problems at work, instead of study and dealing with other people.

In turn, the different levels of psychopathic personalities that can be subdivided into numerous variables must be highlighted by pointing out the violent characteristics if a control of these emotions is not achieved.

So you must increase the cognitive level in the student, of the mental risks that an individual can react by acquiring these disorders.


It is important to differentiate the personality of individuals so we can have a better approach in terms of people who have disorders, so personality can be described as a psychological creation system that allows us to visualize the degrees of difficulty thanThe person constitutes, therefore, this allows us to establish the institution and integration that the difficulties present.

Therefore, a personality disorder is often considered the model that generalizes behaviors, according to that “the conditions and effects are inflexible in personality, so it begins from adolescence to the beginning of adult life and thisIt is stable for a while, so it generates stress or psychological damage ”.

In turn, its personality structure can be defined as:

  • Consciousness: is the knowledge that the human being has of what comes from the physical world, from our body and mind.
  • The preconscious: is where the memories and learning of which we cannot be aware are shown, but there are always.
  • Censorship: it is found in the preconscious and the unconscious as a wall that only its dissolution occurs through dreams, the desires that are repressed which come to consciousness.
  • The unconscious: are the memories that are repressed and the drives that are essential that fight to find the satisfaction of sexual desires of an aggressive nature.


For what it shows according to its structure, the treatment and what makes up its origins according to the mentality prevailing in the environment to which the person belongs and is what allows us to change our therapeutic criteria. 

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