The Development Of Microorganisms

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The development of microorganisms


In veterinary medicine together with current microbiology, it needs crops for microbial identification, and are followed by the evolution of procedures in order to perform the analysis of bacterial resistance with effects of localized treatments, it is known that a microbial analysis of digital footprints It allows us to know if microorganisms are cultivable and harmful for common characteristics for a genus and a species. Likewise, in the productive sector of the bacteria present in the hands it occurs as a corresponding breed.


The procedure to amplify the identification of a microorganism is isolation and the use of a crop with a necessary laboratory team, in knowing the conditions that favor the proper growth and development of microbial beings. Therefore, the formation of different microorganisms is related to large amounts and variety of its environment with the adaptations to them. In other words, bacteria responsible for common diseases can be detected causing immunological problems. With respect to microorganisms they come to mobilize with a fairly reduced expense, in addition to multiplying to a fairly unusual proportion if sown in an apt environment.

The waste spending that are made in primary substances for the health and well -being of the settlers. Maybe, in warm regions where a food supplement is needed, waste such as molasses and waste with trees and tubers rich in carbohydrates appear, which are used thanks to the use of microorganisms. The microbial organisms found in the hands are conducive to disease transmission and the same viruses, since there is contact with the surfaces present in a common environment. Human beings have more than 150 species of living microorganisms in the hands, each person has different types of bacteria. 

The hands are known as the most common vehicles for the transmission of infections, since bacterial clusters of large quantity are found as 3,320 different bacteria. The human body is a true world of microbial life that can sometimes help or also turn out. For this reason, observing living microorganisms, it has been carried out in the unwashed microorganism planting experiment a large number of bacteria present in the same bacteria is determined. It is important to know that the material and culture media where microorganisms will grow should be used in strict conditions with the aim of avoiding contamination with the microorganisms found in the environment.

Subsequently, the observation of the colonies that we obtained in the same ones that presented different characteristics that is to say in Colonia 1, 4 and 5 its form is punctate, colony 2 is written, a circular form is written, colony 3 specifically presented a filamentous form On the other hand Colonia 6 has granular shape all these characteristics helped us to identify them. When performing the practice we manage to know that our hands exclusively make up an ideal ecosystem for microbial growth and other pathogenic organisms when incubation and the respective observation of the resulting colonies.


A conclusion was reached, that the most abundant bacteria in the hands are bacilli and specifically in fingerprints it is common to find staphylococci. The practice finally helped us to understand that the microorganisms are found everywhere in addition to also learn the most reliable way to obtain bacterial cultures avoiding their pollution, the microorganisms found through the observation of their morphological characteristics will help us to generate a more complete study a more complete study about metabolism and some more specific characteristics of each microorganism.    

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