The Destiny Of Love, A Story To Remember

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The destiny of love, a story to remember


It was me a child when they moved me away from my house to continue with my studies in a very famous school in Bogotá. The day I had to go everything I get something or too sad because I had to take away from my family for a long time because I was going to leave my mother, my sister and my cousin. After 6 years I received the native valley. My heart overflowed with homeland love. Everything was as beautiful both landscapes and heaven. In the distance on the skirt of the mountain I saw my parents’ house, when my mother, my sister and my cousin Maria were waiting for me. Seeing those faces that I had left as a child was the best to see my family, seeing Maria was still unmistakable. It was beautiful. Then they took me to my room there was a table that had some flowers that Maria had left there. I always adorned my quarter of beautiful flowers. One day I told my dad that I wanted to work on his farm, but he wanted to send me to Europe to study medicine, I became very sad to just think that I had to leave Maria.

Days before I left I told her that I loved her and she told me that she felt the same for me. One day my sister shouted for me by my name, she told me that Maria had suffered an attack, when she went to her room all were there. My father said: Poor girl apparently has or suffers from what her mother died. At that moment I remembered that her mother had died of an incurable sad epilepsy for the situation, taking her hand and regardless of my family, she kissed her, she woke up asking that she had passed her try to calm her and at the time she was asleep again.

After a few hours Maria felt bad again, we called the doctor to review her and give us a diagnosis: the doctor told us that she would be fine. My father already knew that I was in love with her and I wonder if I wanted to marry her knowing that she would die young. My father asked me if I would marry Maria and I said: if Father the love that I feel for her is very great. I promised that I would first end my studies.

After a few days my sick father because he received bad news. Given the situation I knew that the time had come to leave direct to Europe, because I was going to continue with my studies. The few days that I had left in my parents’ house took advantage of them to be close to Maria. Hours before I left I was in the garden with Maria and I remembered him with our initials.

After 5 years, I arrive in Cali, my sister tells me that Maria had died.

(Isaacs, J, R, Artemisa Editions, 1867)

Biography Jorge Isaac

(Santiago de Cali, April 1, 1837- Ibagué, April 17, 1895). He was a Colombian novelist, writer and poet. Jorge Isaac did his primary schools at the Cali and Popayán school, the continuous ones in the capital of the Republic in 1848 and 1852.

In 1854 he participated in the Cauca campaigns against the dictatorship of General José María Melo, on March 16, 1861 his father died that he left him to put aside his fondness for family business, he was characterized by his great poems andPoetias was the son of Jorge Henry Isaac originally from Jamaica and Manuela Ferrer Scarpetta for the year 1864 was in Bogotá where I did work as a fabric and glass merchant in that same public year his first book entitled Poetry his most important work entitled Maria was published in May in MayFrom 1867 novel that quickly reached the success achieved more than 20 editions in more than 30 languages in the XLX century being listed by aspects such as the romantic work of Latin America and Jorge Isaac died on April 17, 1875 in Ibagué Tolima because of malaria.

Personal experience

It seems to me that the novel is very interesting its title attracts a lot. It seems to me that the author wants to communicate the unconditional love between two people and that it must be maintained like this and the obstacles that pass the important thing is humility and simplicity. This novel in my opinion is memorable because it tells a very beautiful story that can be applied to real life.

It is a very beautiful experience that leaves us, since you start reading you transport yourself to history and it is as if you live in it, it may not sometimes be understandable, but the story is very beautiful, in addition to it does not leave usa single teaching if not several.

Main ideas

  • They try to demonstrate the strength of love at first sight because it is what Efraín and Maria do at the beginning and end of their love story.
  • It is demonstrated that love is not always lived as in a fairy tale but the reality reflected in them is seen, due to the situation that was being given that it was Efraín’s trip to Europe and Maria’s disease which was incurable.

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