The Desert And The Animals That Survive The Heat

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The desert and the animals that survive the heat

The desert is one of the most extreme environments that exists on Earth. High temperatures and water shortage make it virtually a place to survive is really difficult for any living being. However, there are certain species of animals whose body and behavior have adapted and are able to perfectly endure heat, feeling comfortable in this type of climate and doing its habitat.

Animals that survive in heat

The camel

This animal is physiologically prepared to survive in the desert where the presence of water and food is scarce. In their hump they are able to store fat that serves as a reservation when they spend whole days without eating. They can also drink more than 40 liters of water at once and then endure a whole week without drinking.

The body temperature of the camel is usually between 34 and 41º and has a very low sweating index, so retaining water inside its body is no problem.

The desert turtle

Originally from the southwest of the United States, we can also find it northwest of Mexico. This turtle is able to survive temperatures that exceed 60ºC. His way of dealing with this climate is to bury himself on the ground and only leaves for a few minutes to feed. It is estimated that 98% of the time underground and 2% on the surface seeking food can pass. Thus, this particular species can live around 80 years.

The Mexican coyote

As the name implies, this is a subspecies of coyote native to the desert areas of Mexico. Although it can also be found in Arizona and California, United States. These animals that are very similar to the wolves but smaller, have large ears that they use to cool their body. They usually eat everything they find in their path from insects to plants or reptiles.


Native of Africa, the ostrich is a non -flying bird that uses thermoregulation techniques to prevent its body temperature from rising too much. His plumage functions as a giant umbrella that covers his skin from the sun.

The dissipating heat: a mechanism to resist from extreme temperatures

To stay fresh, animals have learned to create mechanisms that allow them to stimulate air circulation around their bodies and dissipate heat. The camels, for example, have a thin layer of fur under their belly to help lose heat, while a thicker layer through their humps shades them.

These are just some of the incredible ways in which these species have adapted perfectly to live in extreme temperatures.  

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