The Dementia Of Raskólnikov And Its Reflection In Crime And Punishment

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The dementia of Raskólnikov and its reflection in crime and punishment

In the work and punishment of Fiodor Dostoevski the author announces that Raskólnikov a young student who, due to his poverty situation, leaves his university studies, because in St. Petersburg, Russia country in which the work is developed A difficult time such as an economic crisis, a factor that leads him to commit a double murder against the sisters Aliona and Lizaveta Ivanovna, and because of this is that shortly after the protagonist would fall into the dementia that tormented him during the plot of the work , after a Time Raskólnikov because of their mental problems, it takes a series of decisions that interfere with the development of the work, of which the decision to “tell Sonia, daughter of an alcoholic functioning called Jemeládov who was also a friend of Raskólnikov, to be the true murderer of Lizaveta Ivanovna ”, already from the moment in which he was sick He possibly would not be in this world, which is why he declares himself guilty of the murder and is exiled to Siberia.

To be able to talk about the dementia that tormented the protagonist of the literary work, we must first know what the term dementia refers to referring to “dementia is a syndrome – generally of chronic or progressive nature characterized by the deterioration of the ability to process thought”, It is important to talk about this term because this is the key factor that we will rely on to be able to analyze and reflect on how such a factor affection for Raskólnikov when making their decisions throughout the development and outcome of the work crime and punishment. [World Health Organization (OMG).Web page]

As a history, we have to “Dunia Raskólnikov’s sister with the intention of helping him, accepts the marriage proposal of a rich lawyer, which is why he makes Raskólnikov angry since no one consults his opinion,” he decides not to accept the financial aid ofHis sister and opposes Dunia and Rodion’s wedding because he believes that his sister should not do things behind him so they are to help him. This fact grew the idea that Raskólnikov had to kill the old usurera [Dostoevski. F. "Crime and Punishment". P.87]

"Some time later he met a former official who had fallen into alcohol called jamládov" who in a short time is friends with Raskólnikov and next to Razumijin will be inseparable until the night comes when Raskólnikov finds jermeládov dead under the tires ofa cart. This fact of death caused Raskólnikov to remember the murder he had committed and thus the disease and dementia to rekólnikov. [Dostoevski. F. "Crime and Punishment". P.63]

After killing the two Ladies Raskólnikov falls ill due to the pressure that falls on his shoulders because this man was not a cold -blooded murderer but he had to attend the murder for economic need, after leaving hisRaskólnikov disease is faced with a difficult decision if hiding the truth of the murder and waiting for the researchers not to solve the case or the other option was to tell the truth and surrender to pay the punishment of their mistake;At first the protagonist had the second option in response but little by little there were facts that made him change his mind and thus Raskólnikov decided to hide the whole truth about the murder

Shortly after Raskólnikov falls into the delirium and dementia to the remembered the death of Jemeládov and with this the death of the old usurer converting these two factors into again the suffocating pressure of the life of Raskólnikov together with her arrives a researcher that bears the name ofPorfirio who deeply suspects Raskólnikov who places him as the greatest and unique suspect and also guilty of the murder of the ladies Aliona and Lizaveta Ivanovna and this puts against the wall has the protagonist of this literary work

Rascolnicov has great affection for the daughter of the deceased Mámeládov and his wife "Katerina Ivanovna who, upon receiving some money from Rascolnicov" managed to do and carry out her husband’s funeral but Luishin is promised of SoniaSonia as a thief thing that was about to achieve if it were not for a friend of Luishin called "Dimitri who denied him saying that he never believed that there was a person as treacherous as Luishin". 

Shortly after Sonia thanked Raskólnikov and remembering the promise that made her after the wake that she would tell her friend Aliona Ivanovna and thus began with a speech that Sonia confused her and every time she wanted to play the subject he got veryNervous and when the moment the protagonist reached the head and did not tell him directly if not with a story when Sonia understood did not leave it only if he supported it and gave him a reasonable advice that he is delivered, much later Rascolnicov iscalled by Arcadio and in turn interrogated by this.

Arcadio ex -husband of Marta Ivanovna and predecessor from the hand of Dunia sister of Rascolnicov to interrogate and threatens him saying that he is the murderer of the two ladies because he watched out the window and saw him kill the ladies he saidto Raskólnikov that he would tell Sonia all if he did not let him be with his sister to which Raskólnikov refused and Arcadio told him to refrain from this consequence this lifted the concern, the delirium and the dementia of Raskólnikov again but this time this timeHe reflected and knew that he had to do the right thing and surrender.

Shortly after he gave himself to his family, he wanted to visit his sister and learned that Arcadio arrived a few hours and had a discussion with Dunia and Arcadio decided to commit suicide, then Dunia told him that he already knew everything and that he had his supportThe next was his mother who never knew that he was the murderer of the two sisters, he told him that he would go to work very far and that he would not return in a long time the mother is convinced that her son was a good person and whois striving to be a good person.

The last one was Sonia who told that it was very important for him and that when he leaves prison they will be together shortly after Raskólnikov went to the curator to declare himself guilty of the murder;The judge declared him guilty and sent him to Siberia for 8 years for the death of the two ladies he had killed since his lawyer got him shortly because he said an oath that the protagonist suffered from dementia and why he had the good actto surrender and no longer flee from the law

In conclusion we can say that the dementia that Raskólnikov felt had a great impact on its decision -making because all the development is influenced by the protagonist’s concern to be discovered by the researcher and shortly thereafter also discovered by Sonia and his sister Dunia;When her beloved Sonia knew she knew that if she continued with the lie the weight of having killed the lady would lead her to have worse health conditions and get to death for that reason the protagonist declared himself guilty and with that all her problemDementia ended.


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