The Degree In Psychology

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The degree in Psychology


The following work aims to identify the basic concepts of maturation, development and learning involved in human development, analyzing their components in order to understand relevant aspects in the proper development of the human being. To start this section it is very important to mention that the psychology of development or also called evolutionary psychology as mentioned by the Central University of Veracruz, studies the changes at the psychological level of the human being throughout his life, that is, since he leads a life intrauterine until his death. 


Behavior is studied before different contexts that make up an external environment for the subject. Development are all the changes of the human being, in it includes aspects of behavior (behavior), psychological and physical and that are determined by society and even by culture. Mauricio mentions that development necessarily needs three fundamental components that are: growth, maturation and learning. Maturation is the capacity of the genetic potential of the human being to provide the necessary elements, especially the so -called psychophysicists and thus there is a correct adaptation to the surrounding environment.

Mauricio cites Ausubel and mentions that said author defines maturation as ‘any instance of development (for example, the change of the underlying process in a behavior feature) that takes place in the face of the demonstrable absence of specific practical experience. One of the most important elements for the individual to be considerably developed and prepared to carry out a role in their daily lives, must have a certain maturation, this element is learning. Learning is a process where the individual modifies their behavioral behavior.

With this I mean the acquisition of new skills, strategies and knowledge. As a conclusion, I can precisely explain that learning, maturation and development interrelate with each other, since both need themselves, that is, if there is no development, there cannot be growth, without it there is no maturation and Without maturation there is no learning for the individual; Without these elements, a differentiation of integration cannot be carried out. With integration differentiation I mean that from childhood emotions will be acquired from the fact that there is a maturation with both the nervous system and with learning.


With form this process is carried out, the form of integration will be the way in which the personality and the individual are organized and thus be part of a society. It is very important to be very clear about each of the concepts, since as a future psychologist it will make me a lot of help for both work and professional and thus understand the patient and provide help to his problems.  What is human development? It is one of the branches of psychology that studies the biological, psychological and behavior changes of each of the individuals in society from conception to their death.

In the same way, try to explain and describe how these changes are related to the subject. Mentions the types of changes produced by growth. Quantitative changes such as the quantity or differentiation of something, for example, the weight, volume or height of an organism, also mentions the types of changes produced by maturation. Qualitative changes such as the physiological and anatomical organization, character and intelligence of an individual.


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