The Deception That Is Hidden In Promotions

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The deception that is hidden in promotions

The purpose of this writing is to address the issue of "ethics and social responsibility in marketing" oriented to one of its sub -themes. Which consists of these "traps" in the offers that can usually be evidenced. Whether, the well -known "2 x 1", "Pay 3 and carry 2", among others. Likewise, review the reason for this situation and prices that are eventually noticed in these. Which are the result of inflation and offers that, at first glance, are relatively good. But thoroughly detailed, they are a total fiasco. A scam towards the client.

That said, the contribution of marketing to our environment, involves various elements. Which are the exchanges, markets, productive ideas, etc. However, apart from all these participations, it comes to present reckless behaviors at the social level. These are sought to minimize different components such as: considering unforeseen causes, consummating laws that systematize each marketing factor mix, witness ethical procedures and use skills to encourage social principles.

Therefore, which leads to marketing towards "freedom", is based on social and ethical responsibility. So, to achieve this, support is made in different regimes, processes and marketing work that improve the comfort of society. In turn, a great deficiency in the aforementioned responsibility, consists of the scams. Where things are not what they paint. Therefore, "little ethical practices are a loss of concentration in the key areas of the activity that, in the medium term, would harm the march of the business". Alonso, m. (2006).

That said, "pay" quantity and "quantity" offers are one of the most common deceptions. But do not distinguish themselves to the naked eye. So they make the client believe that everything is "pink color" and generates a safe persuasion. Either at these resort a clothing, appliance warehouse, a supermarket or failing, on an online site. Now, in moments of economic difficulties, perceiving these offers is usually a respite for consumers that are precisely going through some of these troubles. "But despite everything, savings is not much. In fact, there is barely savings ". Palma, v. (2018).

The worst thing is that the customer is made to the idea that economizes when you buy. Although, unfortunately, it is not so. Since it is a smoke curtain that almost all warehouses perform. This is, in previous dates that the supposed offer is known, prices inflate up to a percentage of 50. Therefore, and as previously mentioned, savings are not significant as it is believed. It should still be noted that it is the administrators who are in charge of this. In order not to occupy such relevant losses when selling their goods or services.

An example is a store dedicated to the sale of sports shoes. Which makes the decision to increase all its prices by 100%. Where it turns out that, if a couple of shoes cost $ 180.000, they go to value $ 360.000 suddenly. Then, quietly, the notice or poster of the "carry 2 pairs paying 1" is located. And this is where it is evident that nothing is being saved. Nor $ 1.000. Unquestionably, the client is paying the same value as if he had done so before this price modification. Instead, for the store, it will involve a quite notable sales rise due to consumer naivety.

Now I can say, when this trampita is more seen, it is at the beginning of the year. In low season. So, after Christmas times and that innumerable families spend a lot of money on purchases, they choose to choose the most economical at that time. Hence, these warehouses or stores mount a whole scenario to show off all their "offers". However, and as José Miguel Ponce points out, all this variety of promotions is constant there over 12 months. The above is based on the fact that companies need to get rid of all those products that are left over and hindered.

Of course, this whole series of offers has a series of very substantial disadvantages. Considering that consumerism benefits and that, very evidently, the buyer obtains products that strictly does not require. These offers cause the client. Making one way or another to "let go" and then, as mentioned, buy and buy things that you do not need. To avoid this, it is very important to "land" and not get carried away by these temptations. In addition to being clear about what you really want to buy, of course.

In short, a very basic but great decision so that the previously exposed does not happen, is to project all the purchases that will be made. Said in other words, bring with themselves the infallible list or fully focused towards the product to be acquired. Therefore, the establishment will be reached with clear ideas not to go by wandering around the site to see what "little things is bought". Or failing that, do not spend an exorbitant money sum that "we must take advantage of the offers". 

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