The Decade Of The Fifties

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The decade of the fifties


We all know that the decade of the fifties were marked primarily by the birth and apogee of rock and roll, with the mythical Elvis to the head and the jukebox or rock, as protagonists of any celebration, as well as the indelible coffee shops where theyoung people used to gather in the season. Thus, the fifties left us a very particular aesthetic, which is really well portrayed in the Hollywood movie, Grease.


In our day, setting a celebration in the style of the fifties is a very enjoyable and different alternative option that will encourage us to discover more about this excellent was. Ideal for fifty -year -style theme parties, although you can see the most precious weddings, retro style, set in this decade.

The cars that we estimated traditional, were the ones that dominated in the decade, their exclusive forms and colors made them have followers who yearned to have one of these. As is logical around the cars, options and activities were established so that people have fun, such as self-accumulations and coffees with car service.

White or black cadres flags, among many other decorations with this print were very used in the season. Among many other trend colors highlighted the Caribbean or turquoise color, white and red color, such as traditional ones to identify the decade.

Plan your party with the cheapest and original ideas with ornaments and decoration for parties in the fifties. For the female clothing, extensive dresses and skirts prevailed, under the knee and polka dots were the sensation. For men the traditional black leather jackets, in the best motorcyclist style, evidently accompanied with the appropriate boots. The hairs, with large and super -refulgent hairstyles for the use of "shiny" as the title of the film referred to him.

The music dies having been the protagonist of the fifties, guitars, microphones and the most attractive vocalists of rock and roll, made the day to day of the youth of the fifties. The Jukebox, also called Rocolas, Gramolas or Sinfonolas were exceptional plots that were activated when introducing a currency allowing youof this decade.

Vinil’s records play an related role as an icon of the fifties, although they were held until the 1990s when the CD sprouted;It was in the fifties that their peak of the success of Rock and Roll were achieved. If you have encouraged yourself to make a thematic celebration set in the fifties! In the market they found countless ornamental and functional elements, such as each and every one of the accessories with this particular reason.

Start by choosing the data of your celebration, and sends the convictions to each and every one of those who wish to attend. Get attractive thematic conversation cards and ask your guests to encourage dresses with the fashion of the fifties. So it’s time to start organizing everything so that it is perfect. Achieves shocked dishes with rocky prints or printed vinyls in them. You can also locate napkins and covered to go in tune with decoration.

With the acquisition of our ornaments and decorations you will immerse yourself fully in the fifty season. Choose the ornamental elements, posters, garland banners, and pendants printed with vinyl, guitars or rocolas, which will help you give your space that coffee air of the fifties that pleases your guests.

A retro celebration is the most indicated occasion to set up a beautiful candy bar, and take advantage of each and every one of the precious vintage accessories that exist to get the most perfect candy bar. And speaking of sweets, the cake for this celebration must probably have vinyl, a rocola and perhaps certain pictures flags.

The environment is essential with what is logical, you will wantthe 50s;or maybe his vocalist skills in a karaoke rock and roll. As a part of dinner, the ideal thing is to offer appetizing hamburgers and exquisite malted, served in the large cups of coffees and restaurants that existed in this traditional decade.


In our store you will be able to find all these elements and considerably more saving you time and facilitating the process that leads to organizing a celebration, especially with the level of detail that the theme parties of last decades deserve. Find what you are looking for from the comfort of your home and collect it in less than a couple of days, and, of course, at the best cost you will be able to find. Dare and organize a thematic celebration to the most traditional rock and roll style of the magnificent decade of the fifties, we assure you that you will not regret and your guests, they will be delighted.

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