The Death Penalty As A Sanction Of Crimes

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The death penalty as a sanction of crimes

The death penalty refers to the execution of a convict for committing a crime that is considered quite serious, through different methods, this is applied by several countries around the world such as the United States and China although this practice over time He is abolishing. This type of sanction has been applied since ancient times as a coercive method, the forms of execution have evolved over the years, previously the executions were carried out in public places to influence fear through force, currently in most states where the death penalty is allowed is done by closed doors by lethal injection.

‘’ The process and sentence are the evidence and the declaration that he has broken the social pact and that therefore he is no longer a member of the State ’’ ’. (Rousseau, 1762, p. 43), under this logic the person loses his rights in society, however the State has power over death, since life is the most important as human, and if the state of doing this is given to power, It implies the possibility of abuse, unfortunately we live in a society full of injustices, where in most countries there is corruption, where there may be abuse for social or political reasons, where it would be almost impossible to defend against the immense power of the State.

‘‘ To brake on the heart of the murderer, which abuses the force, it is necessary. (Saldaña, 1917, p. 286). This implies the fact that by force fears fear for criminals or future criminals, if this were true in countries where the death penalty is not applied the crime rate was higher than in countries where if this law is applied, Apart from the fact that executions are not public, which would imply that a possible criminal will not be influenced by the use of force, which invalidates this utilitarian argument.

‘The death penalty, then, is not a right; but a nation war with a citizen, because he judges or useful the destruction of his being ’’ ’. (Ellro, 1907, p. 21), the death penalty denies the possibility of rehabilitation and reintegration into society, in addition that the justice system does not work in the best way, and there are cases where people who did not have relations with crime are accused, thus causing the death of an innocent person.

Finally, the death penalty despite being accepted in some of the most important countries in the world such as the United States and China, is not an ethically correct method, it has been shown that it is not a coercive method, since it does not influence fear of Criminals, in addition to preventing a rehabilitation and a change in the defendants, preventing their reintegration into society, and the fact that it is being proposed as a measure is due to an act of fury and revenge of people, which although they are purely human feelings They are not right at all, in addition to the fact that in many countries there are corrupt justice systems make this an unfeasible option for our current society.

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