The Death Of Jaime Roldos And The Rupture Of The Military Dictatorship In Ecuador

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The death of Jaime Roldos and the rupture of the military dictatorship in Ecuador

Jaime Róldos became an icon of democracy where in the elections he won with about 70% in favor, giving the Ecuadorians hope for their human rights. Here is a relationship between these two issues between democracy and human rights, at the time the vote is exercised to citizens. Before the arrival of Jaime Roldos, it was believed that the country was in the dictatorship before 1976. With the letter of conduct signed by several Andean countries it was thought to eliminate the dictatorship in many countries, as in Salvador where the dictatorship of the president of that Entons was eradicated. Democracy makes the citizens of a country not only from Ecuador fulfill their obligation, which is to choose the sovereign or representative of the State to whom they belong, when chosen, all this causes that the one chosen by their people acted correctly and havethat create democratic and open spaces so that each citizen, child, father, mother, grandfather, etc. They have guaranteed their rights not only to life obviously, but also to education, health, work, food, home, basic resources and everything necessary so that their voters who chose them have a decent life as they deserve it, asThe Ecuadorian people waited when choosing Jaime Roldos, in a nutshell to eliminate the dictatorship that he did and also contributed with the creation of democratic blocks with other countries.

But also all this relationship between democracy and human rights is obstructed with the dictatorsprevent it. Not only was it in this country but also in other countries such as Argentina where they gave a military coup to avoid the dominance of democracy, where later to stop him he received help from the Ecuadorian State led by Roldos. Here the causes that cause this blow to democracy and human rights are neoliberalism and dictatorship. Neoliberalism seeks laws to implement them in a state and create benefits for the bourgeois and at the same time are directly or indirectly cause negative effects to citizens most prone to blows in their rights and freedoms, bone to the most humble or socioeconomic situationvery low. Now the dictatorship is that government led by a person who has no limitations, where he seeks to exercise their total power before citizens, exercise policies and laws that only benefit their interests, modify or alter them to their will. For this it is the typical that each dictator uses violence to comply with its laws or policies, in general the military force is the characteristic of this use. But both neoliberalism and dictatorship are closely related, an example of this is during the Jaime Roldos government were military and military leaders who wanted the states under military power, Peru was also a militarized country and was at war with Ecuador andthat the country had become a democratic state.

But there is a relationship that arises in the documentary, between neoliberalism and dictatorship. The dictatorship often uses neoliberalism to cover an oppression to the citizens of a country, as in Ecuador when there was a militarized blow because people sought to obtain their democracy. At that time neoliberalism was already taking the initiative to change the laws so that the bourgeois of the time have many benefits, but in the country it was not as strong as in Argentina, since it was the leading of one of the states of statesStronger, about 5000 people between men and women were brutally killed. At that time that country passed through a strong democratic transition, where Jorge Videla was the initial and direct cause of everything that happened. During their long dictatorship many people also disappeared, around 30.000 people. But here the relationship between the dictatorship and neoliberalism is explained, since thanks to the laws of Videla that promulgated the State, it caused citizens to be affected in their rights, as children who did not have free and dignified education, women who could notwork and their work in the home was not paid, the elderly who violated his rights to monthly for his work.

These laws and policies that were established only benefited people of great power, causing education, health, etc. All this was part of the dictatorship that he sought through these laws obtained more power no matter who benefited. This relates the dictatorship and neoliberalism, to use laws and policies that benefit who the principal wants to matter those affecting, and if someone would not agree or cause problems, he would be killed or kidnapped. But Ecuador also suffered a strong military coup, assumed by the Military Board of 63 where many people died in this conflict. In Ecuador it also suffered and still suffered from neoliberalism, but at that time it was more evident and more direct, students suffered much more due to lack of education, pregnant women who suffered from lack of attention in hospitals and other problems that causedThat the people begin to lift before the Military Board, but this Board uses its military armaments and armies that oppressed the Ecuadorian people, causing many deaths.

But also after the death of Jaime Roldos until now, neoliberalism continues to settle in Ecuador, but this time in a more passive and indirect way, there is still privatization of health and education that are more privileged or are better seen than apublic service. Today the dictatorship is no longer seen in the government but possibly in the works. When Jaime Roldos arrived in power he promised. After Jaime Roldos, Abdala began his campaign to get to the presidency, going first through the Mayor’s Office of Guayaquil. When he came to power he also promised to change Ecuador for good as rolds he wanted it, however he was accused of extraction of money from the state and left the country without achieving what Jaime Roldos wanted to achieve, this gave a greater step to neoliberalism without presentingthe dictatorship.

Now the post neoliberalism and social change are also found in this documentary, but what is everything really? First neoliberalism, neoliberalism is what a government or state wants to recover its power without depending on a market, affirm its own laws, following its own course, where no market or country intervenes. Now social change refers more to a change in the same citizenship, an alteration caused by norms or policies that can affect both negatively and positively, and this in turn affects their values, customs, including demonstrations in the people. The two terms have already explained, what is the relationship they have and in turn the relationship with the documentary presented. When Jaime Roldos arrives at power, his policy in wanting Ecuador to be independent, causes a great social change in the country, causing the same people to walk the streets to support him, not only for the laws that seemed to be correct but also for wantingEliminate the dictatorship, that was also a very important pillar for society to suffer a radical change. Since he put himself as a candidate for the presidency he was already making a change in society, already in power social change not only affected Ecuador but also other countries such as Argentina by giving him his support to combat the dictatorship. He also created blocks from Andean countries to eradicate it, but also later emerged another problem due to neoliberalism post, which was the war against Peru. This confrontation also managed to make a new change in society, after his death causes a clash of neoliberalism, however, when Abdalá came to power he wanted to continue with the ideology of rolds, but nevertheless it was not successful due to the crime of theft ofwho was accused.

There has been a great change in society since former President Rafael Correa came to power for almost 10 years, with his neoliberal post laws caused Ecuador to suffer another social change, even so that great change contracted or only benefits but also someprejudices. Although it should also be emphasized that Abdala also produced a social change for the time he was in the presidency.

In conclusion, Ecuador went through a difficult transition since Jaime Roldos took command of the country. Before and during that difficult and hard process, things happened that made that time a very important story for the country, from the eradication of the military dictatorship that Ecuador suffered, going through the great social change that the independence of the country had, theconfrontation with Peru, and other things that were presented in the documentary and that those facts marked the country. Currently the country continues for a process of change, but that change can only be good if the same people act in defense of that, as Jaime Roldos wanted it in the past.

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