The Death Of Ivan Ilich, Literary Author

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The death of Ivan Ilich, literary author

Our author Ivan Illich, before 1958, had never doubted the value of making all education mandatory, however, it was in that same year, when he met Everett Reimer and after a series of debates where they both realized thatFor most human beings, the right to learn is restricted by the obligation to attend school.

In 1968 and 1969, he elaborates what can be called his “educational thought” ends of the 60s and mid -70s public his main works on the subject. After the analysis of the effects of schooling on society, to institutional problems in modern societies.

In the mid -70s, he directs his writings to the international academic community, and at the end of this decade, he leaves Mexico to settle in Europe. His writings deal with issues such as education, health, and transport, as well as the way of organizing future society, disseminated nationally and internationally.

In Latin America, the text, "the school, that old and fat saca cow", in this work formulates a violent criticism of the public school for its centralization, its internal bureaucracy, its rigidity and, especially for the inequalities that it conceals;In 1973, he published the book entitled “In Latin America, what is the school for?", Both writings crystallize in one of Illich’s best known works," the de -school society ".

In 1971 he conducted his work "Deskolarized Society", which is reflected with a criticism of education from the point of view of ‘modern’ economies. Education is reduced by consumerism to which we are submerged, where also, students are forced to know a curriculum that turns out to be mandatory. In the same way, he ensures that the school system is immersed in the illusion that the majority of what is learned is the result of teaching, however, like McLuhan, he affirms that most learning are obtained in a casual wayAnd above all, out of school.

 The author dares to give an example such as language learning, supporting that ‘most people who learn another language well, do it because of special circumstances and not a sequential learning’ in the same way, affirms that ‘yes’ yes’Schools are the wrong place to learn a skill, they are the even more wrong place to get education ‘, denying that education can be obtained in schools if a skill cannot be acquired. 

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