The Day Love Becomes Alcohol I Take It Seriously

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The day love becomes alcohol I take it seriously

Alcoholism consists of excessive consumption of alcohol prolonged with dependence on it, it is a chronic disease produced by the uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, which interfere with mental, social, and family health, as well as family responsibilities,and work, it is progressive and even mortal;It is a primary disorder and not a symptom of other diseases or emotional problems.

It is characterized by an emotional and sometimes organic dependence on alcohol, and produces progressive and final brain damage, as we have seen alcoholism affects young people, and adults, and the symptoms they can present are subtle are subtle such as concern, disappointmentsLovely, family disintegration, alcohol is being considered every time as a drug that modifies mood and less as a part of food, a social custom, or a religious rite.

Research has shown that the alcoholic already has a prospect of treatment from the moment he and his family resolve to assume the disease and the need for rehabilitation, so it is important that you stop at this time and think, how many glasses do I take today? How a glass of wine or drink affects my health? Unfortunately there are not all who consume excess alcoholic beverages are aware of how they can harm them.

If you are one of those who believe that drinking alcohol does not harm you in any way and that it is just a fun, you better meditate on the consequences that you can carry for your life, it is related to fires, drowning, traffic accidents or work accidents, suicides, domestic violence, both towards the couple and the children discussions, violations and aggressive behaviors.

We are probably tired of all the consequences that people cause when they are under the influence of alcohol and that their consumption is harmful to health, however, we know that leaving its sides the negative effect this compound has some benefits for the human being, such asPrevent heart disease is said that antioxidants in red wine help the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Active people who consume at least one alcoholic beverage a week have 50% less likely to develop heart disease than a person who spends the whole day in front of the TV, increases good cholesterol beer and wine can increase theHigh density lipoproteins level that are capable of removing cholesterol from arteries and transporting it to the liver for excretion which helps avoid diseases such as atherosclerosis.

According to the most recent figures, by 2016, 3 million people around the world died as a result of the harmful consumption of alcohol, which represents 1 in 20 deaths, almost 30% of injuries of all deaths attributable to alcohol, 28% are due to injuries, such as those caused by traffic accidents, self-harm such as suicide or interpersonal violence. 21% of alcohol -related deaths are by digestive disorders and 19% due to cardiovascular diseases.

As a social worker, it is importantand women are discovered spontaneously and quickly to themselves. Some do it in large stumbling blocks, advancing in the training of personality that will allow them to be, and elderly, people use society that will be part, others will not have such a happy destiny and will be cornered by unavailable and sometimes sad circumstances. Among them are alcoholics early predisposedly for this terrible disease to catch them in this jovial stage in their lives, the paths that lead them to live so unfortunate experiences are many and varied, but currently the world that we have to share is demonstrated that theAlcoholism has already been installed with vigor in youth plunging it in bloody circumstances that years ago were reserved for older people.

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