The Dark Side Of K-Pop Music

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The dark side of K-Pop music

The K-Pop or Korean pop is the phenomenon of the moment that is breaking visualizations records such as the Black Pink women’s group that had the video with more YouTube visits in 24h. K-pop artists and songs tend to have an appearance that everything is perfect and is coldly calculated, but reaching this level of perfection has a higher price than we can all think. The well -known "idols" have to undergo strict practices and prohibitions for years before becoming famous.

In the countries of the West if an artist begins to become famous for example online at some point a label will contact him to join them, but in Korea this works completely the other way around. Young people who are interested in becoming K-Pop idols have to audition for record records, and if they are selected they begin training that can last from months to decades. In which they have to improve their way of dance, sing, act and even adapt their physical appearance to what their agencies ask for. Women are usually asked to weigh 50 kilos or less, which is extremely low, since the weight of each person will depend on their height, age or the structure of their body. To reach this weight, they must be kept in extremely dangerous diets in which they remain hungry for long periods of time. During this training time those who are also trained called Trainees work 14 hours a day in multiple tasks strengthening their weakest points. From time to time they carry out group activities to see the chemistry that each one has with other people, and the worst thing is that despite this great effort that not everyone becomes come into idols.

Approximately one in ten thousand people debut becoming part of a musical group that is literally prefabricated by records, others are discarded and never debut. What we know as records are not only that, but they are huge companies that fulfill all the functions that artists need such as the realization of their video clips, the management in some cases until the musical production and the composition of the lyrics of the letters of thesongs. In the case of BTS they belong to Big Hit Entertainment and the Black Pink a YG Entertainment girls both companies obviously formed by several more groups. Once the artists are selected to become IDOLS, they sign a contract with the company that can last 7 to 15 years and have to remain necessarily in the group assigned by the agency for all that time. In addition, agencies remain with a large percentage of artists’ profits, which can be 40% up to 60%.

As for what companies requires them, it can change in each case, in the case of Black Pinkamong many other things that have the objective of keeping them totally away from the controversies that could be caused. Almost everything they want to do on their own even in their free time has to be previously consulted with the agency and if they disobey it there may be consequences. Another very important thing that adds to all these demands is beauty standards in Korea, these are extremely specific and to reach certain objectives it is necessary to resort to plastic surgery that is a fairly normalized practice in the country and almost mandatory among artists. At any time, you can easily change the text of any section of this document simply by clicking and writing. The template is prepared for the format to remain intact with the new information that includes.

To update the format, on the Start tab, you can use the rapid styles gallery to access integrated styles. You can also format the text directly using the other controls of the Start tab. The same goes for weight as I mentioned, the extreme diets through which many women pass them very weakened to the point of falling on stage. They do not believe that everything mentioned applies only to groups of women, men in the K-Pop industry are also subject to totally strict rules coming to eat hidden in the bathrooms because they no longer endure the diets. Big Hit Entertainment, the agency to which the BTS group belongs forces them to train 15 hours a day in terms of prohibitions to them if they are allowed to have a partner as long as the relationship is not made. Another point is the groups of fans in Korea that are usually very extremist, there is a well -known case of a former idol called Sulli who fought against the demands of the agencies and disobeyed many of their rules. Instead of being supported by his fans, he was constantly judged and suffered an impressive cyber-width to the point of finishing his life.

It is really sinister to think that everything that is required and these artists are prohibited is done with the aim of reaching an inhuman degree of perfection and it is very sad that they try to strip them of their humanity to that point.   

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