The Curriculum, Learning Routes And, Map Of Progress

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As we know the curriculum is the curricular basis where the general principles of education are, it is also a very important instrument since it has as a vision the education that we want towards our schoolchildren, and as a purpose that they develop being the basics of theEducation to apply learning.

  • The DCN determines the learning with the purpose of the students’ achievements being the result conformation the 7 transverse approaches that are based on the competencies, standard capabilities and performances of each student who has developed being oriented by the teacher in the classroom having various educational processes.
  • CURRICULAR PROGRAMMING: It is the unit where the program and organizes the capacities, attitudes and knowledge that is taken to each from the required time, containing several didactic units that guarantees a work and avoids improvisation .There are annual programming and programming topos.
  • Learning Routes: Develop learning for each student in a module aimed at the plant of educated professionals in general in all countries with the objective of using educational material given by the Ministry of Education who is responsible for evaluating and supervising each I.And since they must provide good learning worldwide and be able to achieve a high level of performance of each student in the future and also strengthening the capacities of each teacher and directors.
  • Progress map: it is an instrument which describes the teaching that will be given to the student waiting for their expected profit, in very considerable because some parents intervene in supporting the educational teaching of their parents, such as by enrolling or receiving the toolsschoolchildren, in addition they are the ones who receive information about what is going to teach their child. It is because it is defined that students must have learned the lesson in the different skills of different areas.
  • Social Responsibility Project: The project we have been executing is the project: “Informative talks by practicing the signaling of safe risk and disaster areas in the Manuel Escorza educational institution.A.H.H. La Primavera – Castilla – Province – Piura 2019 ”where we went to school to do some survey to know how informed they were about the signaling and how they would act in a disaster situation .


We had as a result of tabulation and saw that most students had no knowledge about the signaling, so within the research carried out within the survey applied to 35 students of the Manuel Escorza Educational Institution, we obtained 31 % do not know theThat they are responsible for preventing natural disasters, the other 69% consider that this suitable. Our team identifies that the problem of the community is that it does not have a signaling of the risk and disaster zone, the majority of the population answered that it could not face a natural disaster. To do this, we will organize in seven commissions and plan a schedule and a program in order to execute our project in week 12 after executing our project we will meet with our teacher Atuncar Chong Maritza Jesús to prepare the final report. 

For the final execution in the educational center since we will go again and talk about this issue about the safe areas of disasters, we will also give brochures, banners, a small drill so that students know what to do before a real moment. Where the purpose is that everyone is informed before and after a risk or disaster and thus can be prevented in the place where they can be inside the school if not also outside the school . Ending with a small sharing with the students for having allowed us to give this talk.

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