The Current Water Business

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Water: it is a liquid element that exists in its most or less pure state in nature. This is essential for life because without it it would be very unlikely to remain from a living being in a certain place. The planet in which we live initially I need water for the formation or creation of life; The Earth is surrounded by seas and rivers traveling through all regions and countries, which are part of the restoration and offer of life for the places it travels, it also provides all living beings with the necessary support to prolong their existence, It also acts as a purifying agent and stabilizing for the planet through the water cycles it performs.

Rights: These are norms that accept and care for the dignity of all beings, these are general and innate for all people in an equivalent way without isolating for reasons of color, race, gender, age, language, religion, disability, economic position, etc. Without hierarchical formation. No regime, group or person has the power to perform acts that transgress or strip people of their rights.

By deeply reasoning these two concepts, their relationship and importance that they have. It is clear that it is a finite resource, naturally generated for the environment, but thanks to the cycle it performs it is renewable if it is executed properly; It is not necessary to say that it is inescapable, mandatory, necessary and priority to maintain its preservation for the survival of ecosystems and living beings. Then we could say that a strategy should be devised to supply water to all in the world equally and equitable for its enjoyment, and allowing it to naturally travel by retaining its initial conditions to generate a balance in nature for its sustainability.

But the greed of man has no moral limits or social and environmental consideration. Since the last century people have taken this benefit and made it a millionaire business world World Bank, these lend entities are the cause of this imbalance, because they are the ones that have certainly forced countries to privatization and structuring water aqueducts with the alleged objective of distributing it effectively to the entire population, however, if For some reason, countries will not be outside the World Bank agreements and benefits, that is, they are threatened to leave them without the funds, so they will remain with higher debts and this is not an option for the government of each country.

If so in a moderately developed country as it will be in one that is not, as was the case of India or Africa that do not have enough income to meet their needs and believe that if they are going to have to pay the water. Not having how to pay the water prefer to go to the rivers that is free, but these run the risk because they are contaminated by the companies that deposit their waste there so it generates a large rate of deaths to take from those contaminated and entertaining waters.

Of what nature provides have taken possession and have been marketed exaggeratedly causing environmental disasters, droughts, losses of ecosystems, diseases (diarrhea, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc …), deaths (of people and people animals). And as if that were not enough, the water that comes out of the tap, the shower and the same that this bottled are full of chemicals, bacteria, toxins and many other substances that cause us damages that are not so susceptible. 

The bottled water distributors sell it saying that it is pure water taken from the mountains, but it is not so, it sells the image and what it really contains are infinities of chemicals. And these companies are so daring that are able to say "that everything one had to do was collect water from the ground and then sell it at a price higher than the wine, milk, or even oil," said a former president of Perrier of Nestlé’s brands in the US. 

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