The Current Teacher And His Formation In Didactics (Strengths And Weaknesses)

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The current teacher and his formation in didactics (strengths and weaknesses)

Currently, didactics is important in education, because it allows us to exploit, selection or elaboration of materials such as didactic strategies that allow us to reach adequate development in student training, for this the teacher must know each real and unique contextof student.

In other words, we must put aside traditional and memoristic education;On the contrary, seek teaching – learning methodologies that help us develop our strengths in the educational field in the educational field, at the same time overcome our didactic weaknesses, to provide quality in education as classroom teachers.

Next we will break down the possible causes of strengths and weaknesses in the didactics of the current teacher within our rural context in the highlands.

Text: “Didactics expands pedagogical and psychopedagogical knowledge providing socio-communicative models and the most explanatory and understanding theories of teaching-discussive actions, offering the most coherent interpretation and commitment for the continuous improvement of the teaching-learning process." 

“He is the protagonist of and responsible for his learning. He is an active, reflective and evaluative participant of the learning situation, where he assimilates culture in a personalized, conscious, critical and creative way in a contradictory and dynamic growth process in which he builds and reconstructs with others his learning of life, withViews in achieving its full realization " 

Make a scheme of the problem and thematic blocks:

  • The lack of training on didactics in current teachers
  1. Lack of new knowledge about pedagogical resources
  2. Teachers with traditional training
  3. The lack of technological resources


The current teacher and his training in didactics (strengths and weaknesses)

In recent years, education has undergone several modifications in the programs and plans for its application, being more contextualized, starting from the knowledge and knowledge that students possess. Teachers must prepare students only in academic training but, prepare them with an analytical, reflective and critical vision, in this way they can understand the current problems.

At present, the teacher, is aware that it belongs to a knowledge society, which demands a number of skills to be developed with students achieving precise changes, therefore we must be more prepared to face these changes in education, the vast majority of theteachers are trained in a traditional way, methodical seeing students as passive subjects, knowledge receptors, without forming analytical or reflective students.

At present, teachers have the obligation to search or create new tools that allow us to achieve a better process in teaching – learning, we must go hand in hand with new information and communication technologies as a method of motivation, but without neglectingStudent’s knowledge and knowledge. Thus enhancing their abilities and skills.

Students learn better and pay better academically when they are given the opportunity to choose the methodology, that is, as they want to learn a certain topic, if they learn better when they are in contact with others exchanging knowledge, in this way they tooThey can give and share knowledge of their experiences to others.

We must focus on making students participatory, analytical, critical, propositive and reflective in the teaching – learning process, through horizontal education, where both actors are protagonists in the production of knowledge.

For this reason we characterize the strengths and weaknesses of the current teacher in didactics as follows:


  • Adapt teachings strategies for learning
  • Favorable attitude to listen to students’ opinion about teaching strategies
  • Active and participatory students.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in strategies in order to achieve objectives.
  • Motivation to students to use technological resources and audiovisual material in educational way.


  • Lack of teaching experience
  • Improvisation
  • Deficit in the domain of curricular contents
  • Inability to understand the context of students and their interests
  • Lack of materials for activities.
  • Insufficiency of technological resources in rural areas.


As a result of the weaknesses and strengths of teachers at present, it can be considered that weaknesses derive from the lack of experience in the educational field;However, strengths can supply deficiencies until training and teaching practice are endowing with technological resources specifically in the rural area and can strengthen didactics inside and outside the classroom in the training of students.

In the same way, look for new didactic methods for the implementation of more dynamic and emotional classes inside and outside the classroom, based on the search for scientific knowledge and based on this resorting to the relevant teaching method for a certain topic.

Didactics is fundamental in practice as a teacher, it allows us to apply various strategies for the organization in an appropriate wayThe interest of students.

It is important as teachers to keep in mind that each reality is different and unique, for this reason we must learn to choose the methodologies and from their own knowledge with the teaching and learning process responsible.


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  • [Image: Image1.PNG]

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