The Current Scenario: Because Today It Is Essential To Work As A Team

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The current scenario: because today it is essential to work as a team

The current world is evolving at a speed that we would never have imagined. In recent years we have gone from living in a more or less stable and predictable world regarding the demands of work and labor and organizational stability to a world where the only certainty is change.

This change includes not only globalization and technological jump with the explosion of communication through the Internet and screens but also, and in a decisive way, a change in the structure and processes of organizations.

  • Tasks have increased their difficulty, making their individual resolution impossible.
  • Excessive professional specialization makes people be able, as experts, to perform concrete, but less competent tasks when completing tasks that require more transverse profiles.
  • The automation of certain processes has replaced people.


We have also changed people: our ways of interacting with others are not the same as before (isolated, in a world of atomized knowledge and compartmentalizing two, without the need to collaborate and establish alliances).

In this new uncertain and complex scenario and the need to consolidate our businesses and innovate continuousand equipment based

In fact, since the 80s, the teams begin to be the main form of work, but it is from the 90s when they were imposed strongly. The reasons are obvious. The teams provide diversity in knowledge, skills and experiences that allow rapid, flexible and innovative answers to the problems and challenges raised. In themselves, they constitute the ideal structures to generate and share knowledge with added value, promote performance and improve the satisfaction of its members. And precisely that knowledge is one of the main assets of companies and has a clear strategic value.

Intangible advantages

  • Make organizations learn.
  • They offer higher management quality.
  • Exchange of ideas in teams promoting quality and innovation.
  • Provides economic benefits, improving productivity and business performance.
  • Facilitates the promotion and implementation of change in organizations.
  • They provide more diverse skills and experiences to address a problem, generating more flexible and adaptive responses.
  • Workers show lower levels of strás.
  • Members are aware of the satisfaction they experience by learning from each other and also their level of participation and commitment in their work.
  • • It also provides employees with a greater sense of power in their relationships with managers


West "Effective teamwork"

Indeed, teamwork is considered a key point for the achievement of competitive advantage. When people who make up our companies are committed and work in an articulated manner in the achievement of common objectives, activities flow more effectively and efficiently and obtain the best possible results.

But our experience tells us that the teams do not always act like this and, that sometimes, the results are the opposite of what is expected. In fact, one of the most important challenges facing any organization consists of how to convert a team of experts into an expert team. And precisely that, we will deal with the following pages.

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