The Current Political Crisis In Venezuela

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The current political crisis in Venezuela

The political crisis in Venezuela is given by the instability of its government, causing a critical scope that is threatening the economic and social stability of the country, now divided into two sides, with two presidents, Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó as interim president,This instability has made most citizens emigrate to other countries.

The opposition begins a signature collection to convene a recall referendum by Nicolás Maduro accompanied by great protests in the streets, which extend for months. However, the National Electoral Council, controlled by the Government, prevents the consultation from being held. At the end of the year, after the first attempt to dialogue, the demonstrations lose bellows.

The problem begins with the economic crisis in different ways such as unemployment, lack of medicines, and the main one that was one of the cause of that was the fall of oil, the mass migration to this must be added the violation of the violation of theHuman and property rights imposed by the Government of Chávez;And this adds that since the beginning of 2013 after the death of it, Nicolás Maduro happens, giving changes in the political sphere in a drastic way, with the violation of constitutional rights in its entirety.

In 2014, a wave of protests opens in the country and another in 2017, these violent protests caused President Maduro to call elections for a constituent assembly, referendum from the opposition, between this blaming the protests both from bothof the government as on the side of the opposition, there are elections and changes that do not generate stability and worse still overcome the political crisis that the country lives.

In 2019, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó that at that time served as president of the Assembly, assumes the position of interim president of Venezuela, this is because there is a void of power, receiving the support of many presidents.

At present, international opinion is divided, Chilean journalists aware of the subject say that Maduro or Guaidó has enough strength to impose themselves to nor any, Juan Guaidó declares a situation of humanitarian emergency in Venezuela and the United States tries to get tons of helpTo Venezuelans through the border with Colombia. The next day, announces sanctions against the Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA, to press the Nicolás Maduro regime, which blocks the entry of aid at the border for weeks.

Countries like the United States that supports the interim and China president that supports Maduro have their conflictive opinion, but mostly countries agree that there must be dialogue so that there is a restoration in democracy.

Currently the political crisis continues, while the Maduro government does not feel dialogue and above all continue with the total support of the Venezuelan armed forces, the crisis will not have a positive change and in the meantime they will continue to emigrate inhabitants to other nations, in qualityof refugees and humanity, since life in Venezuela or social, nor economic and worse political is stable.

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