The Culture Of Rape, Feminism, Abortion

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The culture of rape, feminism, abortion

Today the voice has been raised, they have tried to impose limits, many women who do not want to shut up anymore have been manifested and have the support of thousands of people to tell the truth about this problem, which after so much impunityIt has transpired to remain a personal situation to a social affectation, so it is, because being women no activity, even the most daily as walking alone on the street is not safe, you can distrust uncles, brothers, parents, couples, friends, friends, friendsand any man who approaches too much. Violation is an outrage to our human rights, a deprivation to the development of free personality and endless crimes that leave marked beyond those that the content of a law can mention, is a traumatic experience, something that makes you lose yourTrust in people, something that in a couple of minutes can direct the course of your life, and it is hilarious how a person who committed said act of atrocious magnitude can live, how said person can walk on the same street as that womanFeeling even safer than her, how that subject can live normally after ruining a woman’s whole life to satisfy a carnal desire, a morbid and vile paraphilia, going unpunished around, most likely thinking about doing it again, because thatIt is what the law teaches us, not to be afraid, because, how many women should be kidnapped, raped or killed to take it seriously?, Apparently for them they have not been enough.

They can be wondering, what has to be happening to a person to commit such an inhuman fact?, First of all, his personal life is the one that most affects to carry out these actions, although there are many personality traits that influence this, there are those that effect it only for fun, those who do it for traumas they had with peopleIn his life, for a mental illness, for the mere satisfaction of seeing a woman suffering and many more circumstances that pass or spend in her life, these situations do not make it justifiable and should not be interpreted as something compressible or tolerable.

The violation makes some social movements immersed in this issue, there is a lot of talk about the survivors of this infamy, all these people who went through this situation and went ahead are champions in our society;But let’s put aside this, now we are going to present other issues, what happens if they not only violate and abandon you?, What happens to those victims who never return?, Let’s talk about feminide, a violent death only and exclusively because of being a woman, this is attributed to gender inequality, originated by machismo. For this type of injustice, a social movement has been created that has been present throughout history to eradicate the misogynist, retrograde and macho dogmas that nest in this society;Eliminating gender roles is the first premise of this struggle, which is known that women can do the same activities as a man without being belittled, discriminated against or added;There is talk of equity, and it is urgently needed, because there are people who believe that after so many disturbances there is no machismo, but in reality it accompanies us every day.

There are more scenarios that are involved in all this, non -punishable abortion (with the knowledge and consent of women) free and under any circumstance. White’s trafficking the most underlying level where women are involved, since it is not even perceived as a trophy or morbidity object, but as a work tool, a resource where you are perceived as an income, that is,profit against the will of women.

All these and more situations are involved in rape, and try to make a public movement is a double -edged sword, it is intended to take responsibility for these types of situations, how?, For the law and society it is easy, they begin by making questions totally out of place, for example, ‘’ What did it do in a bar at the time of the morning?, Do you consume any type of narcotic?, Was alcohol ingesting?, Did a provocative garment be put?, Do you have various sexual partners?’, Such a selective and misogynist moral is loaded that it only demonstrates the indifference for human life, not all women are on equal terms to choose from;Not all women are in a position to decide whether or not to have sex, not all women can make the choice of when and how many children have, we have to talk about vulnerability, of having no other way out, that it is a codena, noOne option. All women who live in a privileged bubble, enjoying intellectual freedom we have the moral responsibility to do something about it.

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