The Cultural Industry And How It Affects Us

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The cultural industry and how it affects us

The cultural industry aims to make known as cultural media through cultural domination. Implying how the cultural industry and the various media such as cinema, radio and magazines harm or benefit society.

The development of the cultural industry and its products have managed to have a symbolic and artistic weight in its commercial value. The industrial production of cultural goods where the power of the radio begins, of the newspapers-revisted, the cinema, and the beginning of television are currently evident since the mass media have created a mechanisms that help increaseThe consumption of products, modifying social habits having a modality of educating and mass information with a relationship between the issuer and the receiver possessing economic interest, transforming humanity covering the areas without exception a very usual question Does cultural industries representa benefit or affects society?. But we have to keep in mind that cultural industries play an important role since they began to innovate new technology having a great economic investment and being a public control controlling the great political masses in force that only seek the benefit for themselves.

Based on the question, we can analyze the great power of cultural machines transformed, positively or negativepromoting education in its elaboration in culture. People have a relationship with the mass media with audiovisual. The massive message that gives this means of communication through new technological elements such as the Internet by changing the life of humanity by manipulating them about a process and a more efficient mechanisms having elements of distraction to the viewer where each mass medium is in charge of bombing in propagandasso much that they bother the present and thus achieve their purpose that it is to dominate them in terms of consumption.

One of the technological processes of culture is related to the entertainment industry seeking to escape boredom creating new forms without any effort leading to excessive use of technological means obtaining a domination in products offering fun and having a totally different thoughtto others that have under consuno of them.

‘The mass media that have become one of the essential pillars of cultural dissemination, in effect, messages that are not culturally neutral. These messages reflect the thought, ideas and values, in a word, the worldview from those who disseminate them. When they provide intensively value systems, of ways of life, oblivious to the peoples of a given region, it cannot be prevented that these, in the long run, obliterate the values of such peoples, with the risk of becoming, even withoutpropose it, in cultural alignment instruments. The essential thing is to understand and seek way of safeguarding the cultural identity of each people, without deny, avoid falling into the other extreme, that is, isolation that can be equally disastrous … "cultural industries, the future of culture at stake. Economic Culture Fund, Mexico UNESCO, Paris 1982 First Edition.)

In part, the cultural industry is a benefit that develops in society since it has a purpose in technology progress that allows the extension of cultural messages in favor of society, allowing the participation of new products to society being more accessible inThe economic scope for each individual. In modernity the cultural industry has the objective of positioning itself in building something of its own. A new producer who dominate the masses attracting a bad conception in favor of the market and in their mass consumption thinking more about their company, since it would have more profits harming the consumer .

On the other hand, the cultural industry also affects us "to decree a laugh that becomes very frequently an instrument to cheat happiness" (Zamora. José a.). Since the entertainment is handled, since it has as its custom the denomination, being its strategy that the viewer is distracted achieving that he does not think, he forgets everything that surrounds him giving as a result that the mass and technological means were responsible formanipulate and define the identity of current society creating mechanisms that help increase products consumption. The consumption of these products harms since they are empty of knowledge and that they help only mechanize becoming addicted to consumerist becoming exploiters to the products increased the impoverishment of an ability to imagine and one free expression becoming an easy toy to manipulate.

Based on cinema predominates the aesthetic, since the whole movie has a similar plot but since all ideas goes beyond what can be seen after a screen, since it does not strive to understand what the plot represents, “an image He says more than a thousand words ”, since the viewer only observes but does not analyze what he says since only with some images can interpret that it is having great elements that manage to despise the places that are enhanced whose scenes making us believe that cinema in The market is only an economic consumption that their companies have enriched with a bad conception of the cultural industry taking advantage of the new technologies that have come out as we can observe that in theaters a new room called 4D this room has left this room has comfortable seats , which have a vibration and movements system, in addition to wind, water and smells having a great demand and generating favorable economic income

In the media, power also performs on television, since they generate an economic benefit but at the same way their way of influencing is negative since these are interrupted and manipulated by the great masses interrupting such transmission occupying great political contents. The public mass media eliminates from cultural products giving us to think that after them they have information that facilitates that power to read the reading messages to the consumption of goods with the inequality of social classes but must not forget that“The cultural industry, in short, absolutizes imitation. Reduced to pure style, betray its secret, that is, it declares its obedience to the social hierarchy ”(Horkheimer. M;Adorno t (7)) They have great masses that have different classes: social, gender and religion for the construction of social groups, a bombing mechanism is assumed by emitting new technology giving economic consumption and political power in the great masses.

Finishing the cultural industry supports the behavior of young people and children today since the younger young people care to be with some technological medium seeing a program or playing without knowing that the ability to think or analyze decreases, being manipulated with thoseproducts forcing us to buy every time a new product comes out giving an enrichment those companies that only seek the benefit of them economically having a way of maintaining power over those people who consume said product.

In mass communication and radio, TV influences so much society that only when you hear any news we can ensure that it is true but we do not know what purpose it is transmitted by giving us insecurity since these massive media easier to freely manipulateof the facts that have been carried out falsifying history by harming society which define our identity of the current one since they create mechanisms that help increase products consumption, modifying social habits

In conclusion, the objective of those cultural industries is to contribute to the masses since we follow a line that is still native since we continue in a society that we live manipulate by the mass media and technology being a society that has the same the sameline harming at the time of regret since there is an empty knowledge gaining the power to control us.

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