The Cultural Diversity Of The Nation Of Peru

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As we all know of good ink … Our nation is multicultural and encompasses a universe of cultures and languages. But despite this, the set of people in our country is very segregationist. And do not truly appreciate what our contacent is ashamed of her and leave her aside. Although Peru is one of the countries with the greatest history.

In addition, it should be noted that our country is stained by social, cultural and economic differences. As Rocío Muñoz said specialist of the Ministry of Vice Ministry of Interculturality "Peru is a deeply racist and discriminating country," therefore that problem should be changed as support, so that our cultural and natural heritage over leaving. 

In my opinion, our segregation country was inspiration for Arguedas in the same way Arguedas demonstrated great love and affected the original speech of Peru. He is one of the few writers that makes our nation known in depth. Since he lived 2 years in contact with the Indians speaking their language, assimilating their customs and, it was enough for José María to learn their habits, deficiencies, sorrows of the indigenous people.

If it supports it in all his works, so he treats in some way to publicize everything we do. I think it made us see the mechanisms of discrimination and ethnocentrism made indigenous peoples, for example, when we see a simple person from the mountains, the horrible nickname of “Cholito” or “countryman’. Because, in our country, indigenous literature is discriminated against by the majority of individuals in our society.

On the other hand, if we continue with an attitude of pride in making fun of indigenous literature or other languages of Peru, those people will want to educate themselves in the strength of Spanish and that is happening today.

For me "the deep rivers" is where the great problems, anguish, hopes and dreams that indigenous people have best, but also as they wanted to enforce their rights. This work was written by Arguedas and. It was published in 1958.This is a deliberate and recited novel in Quechua, shows us the cultural and personal encounter of the protagonist named Ernesto. And how this survived in a world full of hate and racism.

Ernesto goes through 3 long periods, during the course of each of them, the interpreter remembers his past and speaks of the kingdom of memory and his magical, mystical state accompanied by nature and music. The first stage of Ernesto’s trip, was the short stay in Cuzco, the length of the protagonist, following in the footsteps of his father forms the second stage. 

The third stage was his stay in Abancay, in my opinion that place destroys the idea of the original order of the author, in other words, changes his way of thinking about his place of origin and what he had learned with the indigenous people, because in thatConduct appears "Materialism". This part lies in undertaking the path that integrates it with the Peruvian mountain range and its past, because all this becomes paradoxically its future.  

There are 2 narrators who appear in history. One of them is the main narrator that is Ernesto’s adult version. And the other is the one who is responsible for narrating intimate history and completing and improving the understanding of events. 

I believe that Arguedas had a deeper contemplation and observation to philology regarding the problem of Peruvian identity, and the different varieties of cultures that include our country since José María Arguedas, imagines all his literature around a design: country dividedBetween "two worlds" the Andean of Quechua origin and on the other hand the urban European roots "the whites",

His work for me reflects a great feeling from José María Arguedas as he says “see to believe” and he lived that fragment that others did not pay attention and collected his experiences or experiences co -lived with indigenous peoples, he suffered in his own flesh his own fleshcontempt of coastal towards the mountains. I had sensitivity for marginalization and wanted to get it afloat to see and recognize it and not leave it as if it did not exist. Since these types of acts leave serious brands. "Discrimination affects various rights, damages the dignity and emotional integrity of any individual", and for me this type of abuse was a great influence for Arguedas

Since he had already lived as a child, he could affirm that if José María Arguedas had not lived what he lived would not have entered the history of Peruvian literature and there would not be the existence of any of his books that described the indigenous worldAnd the confrontation with the Hispanic world. In part, Arguedas’s contribution to Peruvian literature was good since his experiences were to see the reality of the Andean world, but he sounds selfish to know that the author of such fabulous novels has suffered and even reached suicide because of the disordersthat he lived and then tell us and know more about what his death was ignored instead that his works were appreciated by the country and more to his last book that after his death they paid more attention

He in his works does not necessarily seek the use of a formal and aesthetic style, but above that seeks to crack those walls that have maintained oppressed to the natives for so long.

‘Why is there so much racism in Peru?’It was one of the questions that repeated the most when he finished reading each chapter of the work written by Arguedas. I think we should learn from him seeing things as we want to see but how they really are.

We must assess what we have in Peru, if we think that some are superior that others will not get anywhere, let’s think that, without the existence of a culture or a language, Peru simply would not be Peru. We would not have any identity, we would not have that feeling of belonging, of being part of something. We would be nothing.

We who have cultural diversity do not know how to take care of it, value it, or keep it and that should be different. It is now, that we must all act and be able to promote equity and integrity in our country.

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