The Cruel Destination Of The Work Of Oedipus Rey

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The cruel destination of the work of Oedipus Rey

In the Greek literature a classic work composed of Sophocles is accentu work, so that it has been estimated whose importance is distinctive for Western civilization, however, it shows us a series of problems that are present within the time, and in turn different social values ​​that are part of the period where this It is evidenced, it is Sophocles who through its content presents a variety of characteristics those that enrich the peculiarity of the work, these are seen from the genre it presents, since it is immersed within the theater, also the natural environment of Oedipus King, is considered important in relation to the impact of the work, so that each of the spaces that manifest leave the most events in sight Transcendental that make the collusion of the novel more attractive, so that these are related to the time of the architect, this thanks to the fact that the work frames as main issues to destiny, since it is there as its main character shows us the Cruel reality that has to surpass, where the situation of the love life of Oedipus is seen which concludes in the least desired way, which is why they are more relevant characteristics that make it considered as one of the works Sophocles teachers, therefore, in the next content, more history will be made known more about this tragic story.

Oedipus Rey, the main work of literature, which has stood out for being part of the authors Of the most outstanding Greek playwrights this due to the contributions he gave in the new innovations to the dramatic technique, where his work stood out Oedipus Rey qualified as the most celebrated of all his tragic works, while standing out as the most distinctive And perfect of all the tragedies, since the plot that it shows us is an imposing specimen of the so -called tragic irony due to the locutions of the comedians who show before their environments, this is narrating through the 1530 verses of which The work records, however these verses are mired within a single act, since the order of their actions are systematically, through a very peculiar style that E is used by the author where he also adopts the dramatic dynamism combining it with the feeling, with the purpose that in the environment that is presented, the poetic style where phonic resources are found that embellish the content are observed. Therefore, it is these resources that give us great naturalness to the language used that is expressed before the environment surrounding each character.

In Oedipus Rey there are a variety of issues that undoubted Man no matter how pretend he will not be able to escape his destiny, since Oedipus in the majority of the plot is seen acting in order to avoid said misfortune, since fate led him to break the laws of nature, as a result of that Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother, it should be noted that this was because of the prediction of the oracle, however these actions sealed his destiny more, on the other hand the contexts that Sophocles exhibits us in Oedipus Rey, is part of an environment dated from the thirteenth century to.C In mycenaean Greece, it was where stories of great classic heroes are located, as well as the culture of the time that was characterized by praise to the gods, in terms of social aspects the polis were the true political unity, because their cultures were constituted as the identifier element of the time. Then the policy of that time was in which it predominated before the maritime trade that were governed by the absolute monarchy, being its characters that are governed before this diversity of contexts in relation to the importance of the natural environment of the work, among the More prominent is Oedipus that is presented as the leading character, Yocast lie and cowardice that are taken from the actions of the protagonists.

Therefore, the plot of Oedipus Rey’s work is characterized by externalizing diversity of issues through its environment by which it is considered important in its entirety because it introduces us to history, this thanks to the fact that according to the prediction of an oracle Symile events occur considering the work as part of the tragedy, this based through different themes that make up the story such as human misfortune, pain, death, abandonment and misfortune, I have an appointment here, ´´taresiasias He lets him know that he is Layo’s murderer, and that he also lives in the incest of his mother´´ (Oedipus Rey, Sophocles), this mentions one of the themes because it is there when Oedipus learns that I kill His own father, which implies that the human being cannot escape his own destiny, this being given through the interpretation that the author gives to each of the readers, which attracts attention to the dangers of knowledge I had e Dipo causing his loss, in terms of the worldview of the work we can highlight that in this the characters are subject to an inexorable destiny which generates the viewer a feeling of compassion where modern man is faced with the tragedies. On the other hand, the narrator of this work is emphasized as omniscient, since this is a dramatic work as well as tragic, therefore, the narrator stands out as a witness, since he does not participate in any way in the development of history and this It only tells us the events and each of the thoughts of the characters which have a scenario, space and atmosphere that is developed in the city of Thebes mostly in the castle and its surroundings for a suggestive time.

It is necessary It stands out for the importance it has in the attachment because here we could get closer in depth with the protagonist to understand each point of the tragedy in the way we can observe a man who is cooling by pain before his destiny By which he dares to fight, being determined as a tragic hero, however he cannot escape his destiny, fulfilling the prediction of the oracle, which was to kill his father and to marry his mother, it is for this reason which which which he They have led Oedipus Rey to become one of the most important classic works this also thanks to the structure that is immersed within the content of the work.

In short, the work of Sophocles, Oedipus Rey has presented himself to readers as one of the most transcendental tragedies of recent years this because through the natural environment that occurs in the work, it is highlighted as important to events Upon occurred in its plot, which is why this tragedy is characterized by presenting a story where family problems are related, therefore we must highlight the way in which the events are counted, which makes it very interesting at the time of Understand it for what attracts the attention of readers due to the variety of topics discussed in the text that are mainly based on the fatality of the destiny of Oedipus Rey, for which it is a good representation of the works of the dramatic genre.   

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