The Crisis In Venezuela And Chavismo

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The crisis in Venezuela and Chavismo


A national reconciliation process is not decreed, it is a complicated job as necessary, and also the necessary healing of collective psyche requires a very deep joint work, which must be addressed by now by multidisciplinary specialists, in addition as a state policy. With Chavismo, division and hatred between classes were accentuated. The people against the anti town, as Gloria Álvarez says repeatedly. The resentment was firewood for the fire of the populist war that Chávez achieved the definitive support of the masses.

Those hatreds, those resentments, that thirst for revenge, that feeling of division must be healed to be able to rebuild our nation. If the democratic power and order with pending remakes are resumed in the subconscious, we will be condemned to repeat the story, sooner or later. The truths to the measure elaborated fantastically by Chavismo has allowed them to divide and almost cancel the efforts of their opponents, in addition to deeply confusing society in general, both nationally and worldwide, making Venezuelan realityMagic realism, of which, as you don’t know how you fuck you, much less you can glimpse the escape route.


Leaving this chaos is like leaving the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, it may be a possible company, especially if you have the external help of a figure like Ariadna and its gold thread ball, but the maze is dominated by the terrible minotaur, which is really the monster to annihilate first, to be able to escape, and then to eliminate the permanent threat of minotaur. But it is also necessary to destroy the labyrinth, once the fearsome monster has annihilated.

Today, it is not just about leaving Chavism and Maduro, that is just one step, even when it is not easy, such as leaving the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, stripping this band of criminals, drug traffickers and corruptthat they seized the government and all the institutions of power, mounted on the populist wave of Chávez with its Democrat’s mask, it is only part of the apotheosic battle.

The most arduous task we will face will be the recovery of culture, morals, good living, like any developed democratic country in the world. Recovering the degradation of collective psyche will not be an easy task, because infection of immorality and corruption was impregnated to marrows. 

For mere survival, the humble Venezuelan had to learn from live. This was created, in addition, a culture of miserable, in conformism, but incredibly in parallel a culture of cannibalism among fellow citizens, a save who can, where the end justifies the means, and the end is simply to survive.

In the book La Rayuela de Pablo, a maze of reflections on Venezuela, written by Francisca Gil and Vladimiro Mujica, delves into deep reflections necessary as Venezuelans, which invites us to assume responsibilities as individuals and as a collective, to start healing the unconsciousCollective of the Nation before the great company of the restoration of democracy and freedom in Venezuela.

Get out of this, without recognizing as Venezuelans that we have all played, consciously or unconsciously. The entire nation, in its collective psyche is sick, is injured, and not try to heal it in time, it can bring us more ills than benefits. The resentments and revenge that were implemented, must be removed from collective feeling.

This does not imply at all, that we must accommodate impunity. Of course, justice must reign, and must be applied hard before so many crimes committed. And before this, if some type of amnesty is applied, it should not be considered for individuals who committed crimes against the people and the nation. As well as illogical that the door opens to a cohabitation in power to the actors of the genocide that decimates us as Venezuelans, as some sectors propose in the current situation.

It is important to highlight that the latest generations of Venezuelans have committed their psychic and emotional development, given the poor diet and nutrition that our children are receiving before the age of five, and to the reality of moral and social distortion that they live in their daySurvival day. That is an issue that will have to face the national sovereignty responsible and hardly recovered.

The loss of generalized values that we were coming progressively, and at metastatic levels, was essentially a product of the little interest in the investment in the field of education of those who held power and political influence for decades in Venezuela. During the beginnings of Chavismo, it was about creating a sense of impulse to education, but basically focused on presenting high academic registration numbers, to call attention nationally and internationally, but without a clear project, or oriented to real educationnor of critical thought, on the contrary, focused on the sowing of communist ideology.

Various personalities of Venezuelan intellectuality warned to fatigue the need to boost education, such as Renny Ottolina, Dr. Arturo Uslar Pietri, Luis Alberto Machado with his intelligence revolution or Professor Luis Beltrán Pietro Figueroa who said: there are those who want a submissive, cornered teaching, unable to raise their voice;But a town that has teachers in that category will have to be a slave town.

Education must be one of the central axes of the new Venezuela reconstruction process. A quality, critical, planned education, which is a state policy, can take us further than that all that underlying oil reserve in our homeland. And a political project with special focus on education, applied at the time, would have saved all this tragedy that the dying Chavismo has left us.

In the process of reconstruction of the nation, morals and ethics must be put in a privileged place and unfounded from the most basic levels of education. The new education system must keep them as axis. Ignorance is like immorality and corruption are the great diseases to eradicate.

Democracy in Venezuela as throughout Latin America, succumbed thanks to the ignorance of its political and business actors, populism and messianic leaders who knew howand anachronistic and outdated budgets, cynically oriented to the most perverse authoritarianism.

Know the enemy

It should be reiterated that to face this regime and recover democracy, we must be aware of the monster class we face. Chavismo is not a conventional authoritarian regime, it is not a traditional right or left dictatorso Violation of human rights and human rights, de facto ally to organized crime, drug trafficking, guerrillas and international terrorism groups.


They use absolute power to loot as parasites all the resources of the State, so they hate private property, free market and above all free thought. They manipulate their followers with lies, psychological and absurd and permanent conspiracy theories, self-inflicted attacks of those who always leave victorious, to give that touch of anointed, chosen by a divinity, in order to cancel the personal criteria, and convertto the individual in servile and dependent on the state.

Knowing the profile of this enemy, all appropriate measures must. Only a new strategy, based on this, can be successful before this band of criminals in charge of the Venezuela government. Against an unconventional enemy, conventional or naive methods cannot be used, nor with dance therapy a government of extremists overthrow. 

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