The Criminology Of Minors, Social And Economic Components

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The criminology of minors, social and economic components

Minors criminology is of great relevance in the world. That is, there is talk in this case of children and adolescents who commit antisocial infractions.

The term of minors infringers refers to people under eighteen years of age who commit years illegal acts that are considered a crime, however by committing these behaviors they commit infraction and this refers to less offender;And this happens between adolescence and adulthood.

A stage where rebellion, immaturity, etc. And this also has a lot to do with the social and family field of the minor offender.

It is said that a teenager is a law offender when it is found that he has committed a fault, in these cases the Public Ministry intervenes in effect to the extent of responsibility the adolescent has gone. The age established by law for a teenager to be considered as a offender is from 14 years to 18 years.

Many ask the question if there is a relationship between family and crime, but reviewing the studies made we can affirm that if there is a relative between the family as a prediction factor of criminal behaviors. The family is both a risk and protection between crime.

The lack of attachment of a person to his family is a factor that goes to violence and then to crime, so it is also said that the family is very important for society, since the family is a pillar of people, since children and young people find the strength for life in the family.

But when the family factor fails by not fulfilling its roles, then we will see relationships between types of family behaviors and predispositions of behavior towards crime. Most of these minor offenders come from dysfunctional families or families that were already theft, drug marketing, etc.

Considering that children and adolescents are more violated to social exclusion that is often taken advantage of by third parties, since it includes making them incurring typified behaviors as crimes.

The great impact of the minor offender in the world has already been considered as a phenomenon, this is due to participation in different criminal points, since the child cannot be sanctioned in this tends to commit several behaviors. With the influence it has in the middle that surrounds it. Because as they know that by committing a crime they will not be applied a penalty, they take advantage of that attitude.

Social component 

We human beings are biopsychosocial entities and we have to relate a lot to social influence.

One of the most concurrent cases is family disintegration, family conflicts, violence. When a child has a probable criminals that the child also inherits that crime factor;because the child with the example that his father gives him will think that everything the father does is normal and when he grows he will also do the same. Not in all cases, but in most. Knowing cases also where even the father tell their children "because you don’t grab that, do it to you, they will not do anything to you" and with that act they are giving a bad example to their children and are disnimping from society.

We also have the Internet, which is something that is in all of us and we do not necessarily need a manual to be able to enter Internet pages;With just writing a few words you get thousands of references where you can find information according to what you wanted.

Economic component 

They do it in exchange for something, either in exchange for receiving money;since sometimes they want to meet some needs and do so.

One of them is mainly poverty, the minor offender is in a home where parents go out to work, so the child is looking for an easier life together with people to live and look for easy ways to obtain money when they joined together withthose friends.

For example, a fashion cell phone comes out that everyone has it and a teenager also wants to have it;Then he begins to think how he could get it, since sometimes the dad does not have money to buy it and the first offer that is presented by no matter which one they do;Because they still carry that spirit of immaturity within them and suffer from thoughts.

Minors incur in the commission of some crime receive special treatment, since for them there is a law.

But there are also preventive policies in which the State and civil society are involved;For example, have them in activity either in sport or in artistic activities.

That is, apply programs where we can rescue our adolescents and not keep them inmates so many years that all it does is worsen their attitude.        

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