The Crime Of Sonia And Punishment For The Law

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The crime of Sonia and punishment for the law


In the city of Petesburg, he lives Raskolnikov a student given to poverty, who missing money decides to commit the only thing that the value had left, where an old lender Aliona Ivanovna who has evil in his heart and does not give him the real value for his jewelry, decides to give her a small amount, since she charges the interests in advance. In a derogatory way the door closes the young man who with rubles in hand withdraws, on his jour.


In his thought he wishes to reintegrate into his role as a student, who for lack of money had to leave, as he has had to hide from the landlord, since he does not have money to pay him. Marmeladov who is a government official approaches and tries to speak, considering him as a colleague, who tells him about his family, his wife, his daughter Sonia, as well as his wife from the aristocracy in which they lived,Unfortunately the drink and debts ended with the little fortune he had, he felt bad because Catalina did not accept her daughter.

See with the pattern where he worked, he tells him that the suspicions were already clarified. Inside the letter he tells him that his sister is going to get nuptials with Don Pedro Petrovich Lujin who was the Court’s advisor and that marriage will be very soon. He also tells him that Lujin together with his sister will visit him that please receive them. In addition, she tells her that her sister’s union will virtually get the family out of ruin, she tells him that suddenly that union helps him to study again.

Raskolnikov didn’t like his mother’s news, who decides not to allow his sister’s wedding with the delegate. On his way he starts counting the money and sees that it is much more than his mother could have gathered, Irtico decides to fall asleep in a forest where he has a dream with his father.

Raskolnikov has the firm confidence in the signs of destiny, rather than in the happy chance, in his mind he only has to doña aliona is bad and a real harpy. He enters one of the many taverns and for things in life meets Isabel who is Aliovna’s sister. Isabel tells Raskolnikov that the next day her sister is going to stay at home.

In his Quemer Raskolnikov it comes to the conclusion that Aliona Ivanovna is only one more scourge of the society to whom we must eliminate and that not only he wishes but many people. He returns home and rests the next day he manages to get an ax that was in a nearby construction work and with his fixed thinking in what I determine yesterday he goes to the house of Aliona.


Clumax is his confession of crime to Sonia, although he resists giving up nihilism. In the end, the physical punishment will come by the judge who finishes breaking the ego that separated him from society. Although the plane is present, there is plans set in dreams, hallucinations and nightmares. There are symbols in his constant fainting as a reflection of his human weakness and on the cross that asks Sonia as a desire to repent

Subsequently, he would tell him that he killed his patron saint, Sonia is very impressed, but promises it would never leave him. The young man finally decides to surrender to the authorities and reveals his guilt. After a month he is sentenced to eight years of forces of second category, in Siberia. In that Raskolnikoff prison, he learns to share (he shares his last food with a partner) and to know how he suffers in life, he also got sick. For him it was unbearable to be there, as soon as Sonia could make two visits. But despite this Raskolnikoff felt very happy next to Sonia and little by little this man was being renewed. 

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