The Creation And Origin Of The Universe And Everything That Is The Reasoning

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The creation and origin of the universe and everything that is the reasoning

 The reasoning of Hesiod in his theogony can be taken in different ways, as the first measure the rational explanation of nature, the universe and in himself and everything that happens rightly (logos). This theogony collects all the changes in such a way that they pass from myths to philosophy. The myth of Hesiod consists in the narration of the heterogeneity of the creation of all the gods, which powers have and what characteristics humanize them; From them come men and their abilities to achieve their actions. All these gods nourish from the stories of families and their destiny. I consider that the way in which he made a union and collection of all creation issues is very well analyzed but analyzing it from a logical basis, the rationalization of his project cannot be understood.

The gods emerge as follows: Cronos (the time) had 6 children with area (fertility) that are, hestia (home), dem ", crops), posidon (sea), zeus (king of gods), hera (queen of gods and Hades (Averno) of which two, Zeus and Hera who had two children, arees (war) and hepesto (fire), then Zeus committed to 4 other women who were: Metis, with whom he had Athena (Wisdom); with Maya who had Hermes (messenger); with Leto who had Artemera (hunt) and Apollo (Luz) and finally with Simile who had Dionisio (wine)

The concept of creation of the human being is based on this: Zeus, after having put an end to conflicts, he felt isolated and boring, therefore decided to create a weak and vulnerable being but at the same time was aware to understand the circumstances that They surrounded him. Genesis describes that all visible creatures only man is able to know and love his creator "(Gen 12,1)" But men was created to serve and love God and to offer all creation "(Gen 39, 1). In other words, I believe a miniature version of the gods to use them as "toys".

Hesiod’s theogony, plays a very important role in philosophy, since thanks to this myth we can know more about cosmos, nature, origin and creation of the world, Greek mythology and understand why and the essence of everything WHAT RAYS US. The simple fact of being able to know a different perspective of which they take us by instilling a lifetime (religion), it seems completely naive.

A comparison that can be made between theogony with aspects of our society would be with the Bible. The two tell the creation and origin of everything through different stories, battles and characters. Each with the purpose of instilling that after all the world was created thanks to a powerful being either called God or Zeus; He tells us that this supreme person maintains absolute control of what exists in the world to be able to handle him at his pleasure. Men, in both contexts, have the obligation to always be grateful and be pleasant with their gods.

Another similarity is that every time some bad act or decision by human beings happens, it is punished either directly or indirectly. Greek mythology had different penalties such as snatch. The Bible are the 10 commandments that it is a decalogue of explicit norms that indicate that sins or errors do not forgive God, sending a condemnation in another life or in hell.

In conclusion we can say that despite the different ways of seeing the creation and origin of the world, there will always be a force greater that controls all the nature and essence of things. That the Greeks may see the gods as the human representation of the power that some element have while the Bible tells us that the elements are seen in themselves and that everything that happens is something already predestined and controlled by the supreme being (god).  

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