The Correlation Between Current Knowledge And Past Knowledge

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The correlation between current knowledge and past knowledge

 In this essay, the degree of correlation between past knowledge will be determined with current knowledge, for this an analysis of a wide variety of areas will be carried out, thus observing the way in which knowledge has been conceived, especially analyzing ifThe time factor is the immediate cause of this conception and the way in which a discipline depends totally or not on the past, to make a correct development it is necessary to use the following knowledge question: What role does interdisciplinarity play when linking the linkpast with the present? For this it is necessary to cover two areas of knowledge which are the natural sciences and ethics.

It can be understood as knowledge to the “historical-social process of human activity aimed at reflecting the objective reality in the consciousness of man” (Rosental & Ludin, 1971). To which he refers to inferring that the events and information acquired by the individual, being obtained from the empirical experience or the particularly theoretical understanding, but this is subject to the discipline in which it develops since it is the usufruct of thefield in which it is being carried out, but is this peculiarity who determines what is the influence of the past on current knowledge?

Past knowledge is an abstract understanding of human life full of history and structured by its practitioners, being this shared knowledge that are mostly no longer used in modern society, but have been influence for the development of knowledge that today inday they are accepted and practiced, being in charge of developing, creating and evolving from a primitive point of knowledge, to the most complex known today, but does not establish in any case the fact that new ideas cannot arise because asAt present that knowledge arose from nothing.

Current knowledge is the result of several learning processes such as hermeneutics, which is the art of interpreting old texts such as sacred texts, philosophical and artistic texts, with a logical analysis and that develops objectivity and with a very clear and direct permitand design new ideas for the comfort of the human being and capable of adapting to the needs of a modern society and evolving in different extracts to play a much more significant and important function.

Covering the natural sciences I can establish the learning mechanism for knowledge about pain, since when I was 5 years old I wantedI immediately feel such a strong pain from which I learned the pain and depth that such a perforation can cause me to be my past in charge of teaching me to a total degree the danger that certain objects represent in contacts with my skin, but whatthat I consider how knowledge is determined as faith to which the following involvement of knowledge arises?

In recent years, scientists had critical thinking and until this last year well founded on the approximate size that a black hole can possess, which was based on reason and did not conceive some kind of faith itself could still exist holesBlacks of a much more inconsequential size, since they established that the maximum size would be twenty times larger than the sun, and as a brand Chinese Academic through a “LB-1 is twice as massive as what we have a website,. Now theorists will have to take up the challenge of explaning its formation.’(Headquarters, 2019)

Marking a completely new knowledge in the scientific field since it was theoretically impossible for this event to happen since “The results were nothing short of fantastic: A Star Eight Times Heavier than the Sun was used 70-Sola-Mass Black Hole” (Headquarters, Eurekalert, 2019), being the past of little help in this discovery since in the past there was no ability to carry out a study of this magnitude and curiosity of the individual currently led to obtaining a current knowledge completely completelynew.

On the other hand in ethics several highly respected philosophers affirm that current knowledge depends on the past because “no human knowledge can go beyond their experience.”(Locke), referring in the way in which the human being since later times began to develop knowledge from his own experience, but is also delimited by a gap that marks a fraction of dependence on past knowledge and not a total one, sinceThe most discoveries are not dependent in their entirety, they are influenced but it is the absence of knowledge that little by little has been developing the human being new knowledge.

When analyzing the first intelligent operating system (software), it is possible to observe the set of past knowledge already obtained to be ableIt is a computer, but in order to develop this tool it was necessaryStandard of influence because it was an invention of which there was no record.

Another impressive example of how the past only influence and does not depend completely, is in the case of the Jewish doctor by his native name משה מימון translated is better known as maimonides or under his pseudonym Rambam was one of the greatest in the medical field inThe medieval era, but the factor to highlight is the style in how the art of medicine learned, since as marked in the Jewish writings of history he began as a simple assistant of a doctor and teacher, who in addition to being a simple apprentice, he was a very good observer, since it should be noted that he was a person who in the beginning did not possess any kind of knowledge in this branch.

In this area while his teacher Rabbi Yehudá Hacohén Ibn Shushán developed in what best was to be a teacher and doctor at the same time, Rambam worried about paying attention to the slightest detail that despite not understanding at the beginning because noHe knew, over time he began to be one of the most outstanding students of Yehudá Hacohén Ibn Shushán, being a demonstration of Astusia and Intelligenica since it was one of the first to perform peculiar surgery methods in which they were really impossible to find a history of similar methods.

In this way, after having developed a respective contrast in an interdisciplinarity of critical style in different historical contexts I can establish that current knowledge does not depend totally on past knowledge, if it is true that it depends in a standard style in which they are linked butIt is in this way that they demonstrate correlation and not a maximum dependence, so if possible the generation of new ideas and their development without the need for past knowledge.


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