The Corporation: The True Meaning Of Greed

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The Corporation: The true meaning of greed


Safeguarding the environment, is a governing principle of all our work in the support of sustainable development;It is an essential component in the eradication of poverty and one of the foundations of peace. Theme development, SR., Annan makes a reflection at the Millennium Summit, in which he aware that the environment is a fundamental, and indispensable factor for the development of the human being, starting from the previous premise, where the collection of data from primary sources andsecondary, as are work done on the subject, and databases coherent to the topic a deal.

In turn, work will develop how globalization was the beginning of a financial system based on the greed and greed of humanity, worrying only about the profits that can be generated in the union of a set of people, likewise the impact thatIt comes to transgress humanity itself in the development of high -impact diseases;in the production of products by these corporations.


Globalization must be understood on the one hand as that opening of international borders, for the free negotiation development or commercial treatment between the states, or failing that, individual merchants;You can also have a slightly less decision with social criticism features such as the one done in the book “What is globalization? Fallacies of globalism, responses to globalization.”, In which they mention that globalization is:

 Globalization means the processes by which the sovereign national states intermingle and imbric through transnational actors and their respective chances of power, orientations, identities and network several.

With this we must start that globalization is that way in which various actors have taken an important role in the states internationally, thanks to an added value to the function they play, which in the present case would be a purchasing power superior to theaverage that it possesses. For this reason Suhrkamp Verlag and Frankfurt del Meno in his book express the following:

The staging of globalization as a threatening factor, that is, the policy of globalization, does not only intend to eliminate the obstacles of the unions, but also those of the national state;With other words, he intends to subtract power to state-national policy. The rhetoric of the most important economic representatives against state social policy and their vallers leave little to be desired in terms of clarity. In short, they intend to dismantle the apparatus and state tasks with a view to carrying out the utopia of commercial anarchism of the minimum state. With what, paradoxically, it often happens that globalization is responded to renationalization. 


Starting from the previous premise, the actors are supposed tonational entity to reduce those brakes or obstacles that may arise in the integration of the company and reduce costs in that process.


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