The Cooperative Method With Children With Dyslexia

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The cooperative method with children with dyslexia


Education is a fundamental human right that is vital to achieve the broad spectrum of development objectives included in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Good quality education is the key to improving the health and standard of living of the most marginalized and disadvantaged, promoting sustainable development and eradicating poverty: in short, to transform lives and build a more peaceful world. You can only respond to today’s global challenges through the expansion of a quality education that provides knowledge and competences that each individual needs to model their future, participate in society and lead a productive life and loaded with meaning. 

School integration results in the development of an integrative policy rejecting segregation and isolation in which people with different disabilities were immersed; giving acceptance. In spite of this, the objectives they sought since their beginnings have not been covered.

The inclusive school is not limited only to children and adolescents with disabilities, but is oriented to a much greater group, formed by children, adolescents and young people who for different reasons have difficulty learning in school. These schools propose a space to achieve the right that we all have to belong to a community, build culture and identity with others and to educate ourselves in formally recognized institutions, whatever social environment, culture, ideology, sex, ethnicity o Personal situations derived from a physical, intellectual, sensory or even an intellectual endowment.


  • Promote the cooperative method for students with dyslexia.
  • Favor the necessary measures to optimize students’ skills or skills.
  • Favor interpersonal skills and social skills.


Cooperative work is basically a systematic way of organizing tasks in small students of students. This is a new methodological proposal to be used in the classroom, a new way of working the subject where the responsibility of the teaching and learning process does not fall exclusively on teachers but in the student team. You learn in a more solid way when interactions and mutual aid between students follow each other in a continuous way.

The team reviews its operation and objectives for improvement are proposed. This work methodology allows the students who make up each team to value the learning and circumstances of achievement or difficulties of its members, as well as the contributions and interactions of each team member with the rest of those who integrate it.


Traditionally, the evaluation has been applied almost exclusively to the performance of the students, the contents referring to concepts, facts, principles, etc., acquired by them in teaching processes. From the sixties, the evaluation has been extended to other educational fields: attitudes, skills, educational programs, didactic curricular materials, teaching practice, schools, the educational system as a whole and the evaluation itself.

The evaluation is today one of the topics with the greatest controversy in the educational field, especially in relation to the realization of tests and exams. This is one of the main measurement tools of the learning process.


Attention to diversity, as a principle underlying the Spanish education system, establishes the objective of providing all students with an education appropriate to their characteristics and needs. This derives the need to give different educational attention to the ordinary ones to those students who, whatever the reason, are not developing their abilities in the context of school teaching. However, attention to this students must be guided by the principles of normalization and inclusion.

I have not wanted to forget children with dyslexia, since they are children without problems (apparently) but they have many difficulties when it comes to taking the pace of the class. They are the great "abandoned" of the educational system because many times the problem is not detected in time or because, once detected, the tutors do nothing specific to help them.

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