The Controversy On The Issue Of Immigration

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The controversy on the issue of immigration

There is a lot of controversy on the issue of the impact of immigrants in the United States. Many say that immigrants who come to the United States have a negative impact. But some approved that this is false. They discovered that the impact of immigrants is more positive than negative. Three positive impacts of immigrants are that they found companies, small and large, pay taxes (even the undocumented) and work. In my opinion I believe that the impact of immigrants is positive.

First, although there are variable data on the contribution of immigrants to the economy of the United States, there is no doubt that it is great, so much that if they stop producing or consuming they would have an obvious impact. An example is that there was a strike driven by the migratory reform bell that encouraged Hispanic immigrants not to attend work, or consume that day. The strike is a challenge to Trump, since he launched his campaign and now in the White House he has portrayed a Hispanic community of “criminals” and abusers of the public beneficiaries offered by the government. A Hispanic, Nelly Romero, declared: “We are not a burden for this country.”Trump’s anti -immigrant poetics encourage protest by a Latin community that understands that the policies of the new president are not always based on real data. In the United States in 2015, 26.3 million immigrants worked in the country (half of them were Hispanics). Immigrants who work represent 16.7% of the working population and 10 years ago was 15%. Immigrants are not only work hands, many are entrepreneurs. 40% of the 500 leading companies in the country were founded by immigrants or their children. This includes many of the most successful American brands such as Apple, Google or Intel according to Jens Heinmueller, co-director of the immigration policy laboratory at Stanford University in California.

Likewise, immigrants who have arrived in the United States in recent years have benefited the economy in the long period and had insufficient lasting effect on wages and unemployment levels for those born in the country, according to one of the most complete studies conductedSo far on the subject. In the article, “the report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine of the United States evaluates the economic and fiscal impacts of immigration, offering a broad possibility of a phenomenon that has become a primary issue of the presidential career, in which the two candidates discuss their disadvantages and interest.”The research and data analysis is not previously available offers a panoramic view that is the broad beneficiaries of immigration without discounting tax and dislocation costs associated with the arrival of foreigners to the United States, either with or without documents.

Finally, there is another study by The New York Times on this topic. Part of the investigations of fourteen. Highly trained immigrants, especially in scientific and technological areas, arrived in the country in recent times, have generated a "positive impact" on qualified Americans and in the working class, as they are a stimulus for innovation and contribute to creationof jobs. However, if it has been found that a certain sector of immigrants from the country in previous generations that have not been advanced and that continue in the same labor market of low wages as newly arrived foreigners, end up earning less and with greater difficulty inFind because of the competition.

In conclusion, I believe that the impact of immigrants is positive because they are those that found companies, small and large, pay taxes (even the undocumented) and work. They create 16.7% of the working population and is going up. 

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