The Context On The Work Principe Maciavelo

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Before analyzing the work of Machiavelli, we must know at least some basic aspects of the life of this author and the temporal – temporary situation that the author lived.. Nicolás Machiavelo, was born in Italy and began his political career in 1498. The government was so corrupt and was composed of several cities-states independently. What further complicated things was that this is where the Pope lived. He was the leader of the Catholic Church, controlled his own territory and had more influence than any prince of any of the other cities-states of Italy.

"The prince" is about the origin of a prince, as a prince can start from scratch and become a king respected by his people or that your people reject you before you get to reach the objectives, we can clearly see it in thisPhrase of (Machiavelli, 1493) "If it is better to be loved than be feared, or conversely"

"The prince" was the manual that gives instructions to a future ruler, were simplifications formulated from the complexities of governance, their theoretical foundations were crossed by theology, metaphysics and idealistic objectives for governance and morality, totally appropriate for an era in a time in a time inthe one that the behavior of the aristocracy was motivated by the imaginary dictates of the chivalrous code.

Machiavelli advocates the need for non -sentimental realism when evaluating the world of men and, by extension, practices in politics. In the prince, he rules out the idea that moralI already said before, as long as you do not need it, because if you have it, they are missing for them to stir against you ”(the prince, 1513)

Machiavelli argues that authority is inconceivable as a separate right to power and the ability to enforce it. By getting rid of normative ethics, Machiavelli changed the approach to the political theory of abstract discussion of virtue and justice to an objective analysis of the government, in doing so, he abandoned the conception of the society of medieval Europe. In the work, do not hesitate to recommend that a ruler use immoral conventional methods against their own subjects to maintain authority over them,

Italy was in a political conflict, where the cities-state of Florence, Milan, Venice and Naples fought for the control of Italy, as did the papacy, France, Spain and the sacred Roman empire. The same year that Machiavelli returned to Florence, Italy was invaded by Carlos VIII of France. These events influenced Machiavelli’s attitudes towards the government, forming the backdrop for its subsequent pleas for Italian unit. 

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