The Context: Analysis Element For Social Workers

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The context: analysis element for social workers


The purpose of me is to understand the information about the context and how this intervenes in social work. It is said that the context is a set of elements and situations that are used to explain a situation. In social work, the context will intervene professionally with a limit or goal marked by both professionals and participants to establish a cooperation relationship, if the objectives and goals between the two parties are not clear, a situational decline can occur.

Social workers have a system to see in what context they will work. The intervention context only makes sense in the macro of services or programs, attending to rules, laws and norms.

In any intervention in society, it is based on specific contexts. It is impossible to continue developing limited thoughts that involve the limitations of the general intervention methods. If it is applied to multiple intervention contexts, this method is effective. Before using intervention methods in a singular form, we must use the concept of social intervention contexts in a plural way to refer to the answers and clarify the methodological strategies against these contingency, singularity and non -repetitiveness. (Estrada, 2009)


It is mentioned that the term comes from Latin contextus and refers to the environment surrounding a specific situation both symbolic and physically. Thanks to the framework, the fact of the event can be understood why it consists of different characteristics (such as time and physical space) that make people understand the message.

In other words, the context is the environment in which the exchange occurs, including the content of behavior and compliance. (Perez, 2020)

Professional Social Intervention Context

In social work the context is professional intervention, it is a limitation and goal marked by professionals and participants, and a cooperation relationship is established, if the common objective and purpose between the two parties is not clear, the background can slip and causeconflict between the two parties.

They tend to establish four types of context: information context, consultation context, attention context, control context, educational context and mediation context.

Social workers must follow clear rules in this process of change, if they observe new areas throughout the intervention process, we can readjust the address of the intervention. (Iglesias, 2017)

The context in social work

The historical context changes with the intensification and complexity of social dynamics. With the complexity of society and social processes, people have new expectations for the same social dynamics, and the process and social needs must be modified to adapt to the new social reality. Faced with the general panorama of an always changing historical background, it is necessary. This can be done through the professional methods of social workers, training programs in social work schools and social welfare policies.

In Spain, social work is an officially recognized profession, and its training program is currently being modified and reviewed in the context of social dynamics. (Júarez, 1992)

Social work is not interested in general knowledge, but rather specific knowledge. The knowledge of the context and the attitude towards the place where the protagonist lives helps to make sense of the decision and to understand how they operate and continue to operate the traditions, customs and values.

On the other hand, social work professionals configure much of our identity according to the principles and standards of maintenance of professional ethical narrative. These narratives must be devalued in each context and in each professional situation, which in turn presents a unique and unrepeatable meaning for social workers.

Therefore, the meaning of the value of confidentiality is determined by the participants who participate in the process, not by the appearance in the moral code. Professionals must understand the emphasis of the recipient in this behavior in a deeper sense, explaining the meaning of their words and actions in a specific context. (Nieto, 2019)

Various contexts in which social work develops.

Social workers expand their functions in different environments:

  • Social workers provide services in multiprofessional teams that are dedicated to providing services to specific beneficiaries (such as elderly, families and children), or focus on obtaining information to perform specific long -term tasks;
  • Others work in health centers, children’s hospitals or schools;
  • In this case, if environments that belong to volunteer organizations are included, the environment covered by social workers will be even greater.

Regardless of the environment in which social workers provide their services, the scope of their tasks seems to be the same, but the time they invest in one environment or another varies from one environment to another. (Júarez, 1992, p. 41)


After finishing my research, I remembered a very important point, which is to understand the context, whether the definition of the context or procedures in the field of social workers.

Therefore, I deduced that the context is the main source of information for any community. Through it you can obtain detailed information about the environment to be investigated and the physical environment for full development. To be clearer, I present in detail the context of intervention of social workers in case.

It shows us that the construction of the intervention context with the client is a process that occurs at different times: to greet the client, listen and analyze their demand with it, understand the problem and solution, jointly define the objectives and finally share with theclient a joint work agreement within the framework of a professional intervention context. This is how my essay ends.  

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