The Consumption Of Tobacco In Adolescence And Its Consequence In Society

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The consumption of tobacco in adolescence and its consequence in society

The considerable increase in young people who purchase the cigarette and then consumed, this is presented since there is no due control by parents in conjunction with those people who are at power, the people who are to power are thewhich do not regulate the consumption of this substance focusing on young people, being able to do it through the prohibition of it, although the young people themselves know that they cause them to harm them, at the time that a cigarette is smoke we are decreasing our quality of life, however, theconsumption of this is considered an act of predominance and popularity, motivating young people to create tobacco addiction or submit to it. Most young people are aware that tobacco consumption is one of the greatest causes of death;However, this does not make them stop consuming it. Try tobacco just once puts one addicted to nicotine. The majority of the people who make it the acquisition of tobacco at an early age do so just to feel in "wave" with adults;It is an issue that harms adolescents who smoke cigarette in their health because it contains the nicotine, knowing that the consumption of it not only causes harm to the person who smokes it, but also those who are around them beingThus exposed to that air contaminated by tobacco, being called to these people as passive consumers.

There is greater weakness in the custom of smoking in adolescence because, adolescents are the most sensitive to the effects contained in nicotine, compared to adults;In addition to these seem more delicate to the results of nicotine which is combined with other substances, thus increasing the susceptibility to becoming addicted to tobacco. This is a big problem that affects young people, therefore, will also influence society, since at the time the tobacco is being consumed, it will not only harm the person who performs it but also,To the one that is around him causing this to be a passive consumer, even if he is not consuming it directly, she will be aspiring all the air that the active consumer boots causing more damage since, it is the most harmful. He is considered a smoking person to that who has smoked at least 100 cigarettes in his life or if he has already taken as a smoking habit and does it every day.

It should be emphasized that it has become a routine to begin smoking in youth, thus harming adolescents since there is greater vulnerability, because we are more fragile for the effects they carry at the time the smoking action is performed because theCigarette contains nicotine that affects a boy more compared to an adult;Although young people seem sensitive to the combination of nicotine with other chemical substances which will be present in cigarette itself, thus increasing that young people become easily addicted to this product. The family is the place where the young man develops, the basic behaviors, attitudes and values that the individual will acquire throughout his life, so he will be a key element in the development of the individual. "Research has shown that the use of tobacco begins in early adolescence causes an increase in future health problems, also problems have been detected in children and adolescents that smoke with behavior disorders (aggressive and shy)" ". 

“About 3’5 million deaths a year worldwide, according to WHO data. 80% of these deaths are for lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, while almost 17% are due to heart strikes.”Through the investigations carried out which have been mentioned above, we can realize how this addiction is bringing with it a series of consequences among which the different types of cancers that develop in particular lung cancer, larynx, pharynx can be mentioned, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas. In the lungs there will be an obstruction of it, which will be given by bronchitis and emphysema causing a difficulty when breathing since there is a congestion in oxygen ducts in the lungs and also because the deterioration of the alveoli occurs, which will be causing the process of hematosis. 

Heart problems increase since when one is smoking the beats rise to 30% of normal, in addition to the consistent blood pressure increases the heart to perform a greater work, in pregnant women, the problem is going toSpecifically direct the baby because these at the time of birth, do not have the normal weight of a baby, this reduction can lead to the new being having diseases during breastfeeding to the point of reaching the baby’s death. In the teeth and nails a discoloration will be presented in these, the skin tends to wrinkle and psoriasis appears. “Young people who use several types of tobacco products have a greater risk of becoming nicotine dependent, which could cause tobacco in adulthood in adulthood." 

Tobacco is a plant that comes from the leaves of Nicotian. It is the only one in the family of the Solanáceas that at the time it is synthesized, you can keep in the dry leaves an intense alkaloid which takes the name of nicotine, within the components of tobacco we will find the tars, these are substances are substancesthat they are going to take care of the various types of tabaquism related cancers are going to divide into three categories: initiators (cancer cells that have the ability to form more tumor cells; we have alpha-benzopyrene), promoters(They drive to the manufacture of new cancer cells), and cocarcinogens (these manufacture us but motivate malignant cells). 

Carbon monoxide is another fundamental component of tobacco is a very harmful gas that is unleashed when the combustion of it occurs, here the CO enters the blood through the pulmonary alveoli, thus joining the hemoglobin by removing oxygen from what it will bring inconsequence of a difficulty in tissue oxygenation. Finally we have the nicotine which will be the most influenceGamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that stimulates the release of dopamine in neighboring neurons, if those are overexcited by nicotine, dopamine secretion is limited ”, this can be observed by two processes: first the number of nicotine receptors increases, so that dopamine secretion increases;However, over time neurons react less quickly to nicotine, so the needs of eating greater amounts increase. 

Tobacco is addictive, as well as heroin or cocaine, according to a study by Royal College of Physicans in the United Kingdom, it reveals that 70% of the population that consumes tobacco wants to stop doing it, however, this addiction is so strongthat even people who have already been in rehabilitation move away from this for weeks, but they fall again because they already created in their system a dependence on it. It turns out to be very accessible since there are many places of sale, in addition that the price is very moderate and also present this product in a striking way causing more impact on the young man and encourage the purchase of the cigar.

In conclusion, the people who are most affected by this problem are young people, who are influenced by various factors, psychological, emotional, social, among others;They are the most vulnerable due to the effect produced by nicotics in them, thus creating an addiction of it and creating a tobacco dependence. It brings with it a series of consequences one of the most problematic are the different types of cancer that can be acquired due to tobacco consumption, tiredness, tiredness, the deterioration of dental plates among others among others among others. To prevent young people from going on that path, we must take action from home, encouraging the young man to perform physical exercise in order to distract his mind and stay active causing him not to see the need to wantIt affects your organism, also that in homes that dialogue is developed explaining that this is not good for your health, and in the case that the father or mother is tobacco consumers try not to do it when you are, since they would be encouraging himTo consume.


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