The Construction Of An Electronic Brand

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The construction of an electronic brand

The brand construction they have carried out and that these two companies continue to have and this is reflected in the essence of their speech. The key business approach in the technological sector lies in how companies consider innovation, and it is precisely at this point where a big difference is already detected. 

While Apple bases its success on the creation of new markets and dominating them, Samsung invests strongly in studying those existing markets and innovating within them. These innovations contribute to positioning as a brand and the idea that its consumers have about the brand. For Apple, whose clients are very faithful to the brand and feel committed to it, the recognition of this value is of great importance.

Samsung, believe in a vision of responding to consumer demands through products that meet technological excellence and that are respectful of the environment. It could be established that Apple’s speech is more aspirational and works on the ability to surprise, aspects that could relate to the justification that the brand has for its products to have a price higher than its competitor, while Samsung’s speech is inthe accessibility of the brand, with the positioning of the brand in price. 

Another importance is in the analysis of the values that manifest the Apple vs Samsung brand. In view of consumer preference towards the first brand against the second, values such as passion or universality create brand preference against values focused on business commitment such as integrity, or the ability to adapt to new demands. Values such as idealism, which are part of Apple’s essence, and which calls creativity and passion: having their own thoughts criteria. 

Concluding, Apple and consumers’ values converge and make the Apple brand position very different from the Samsung brand. Although the result of sales has partially favored the Samsung brand, the value of the Apple brand according to the sector rankings, would give preference towards the brand on social networks and the values chosen by the Apple brand point to aGreater identification of public with this brand.


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