The Causes Of The Fall Of The Napoleonic Empire

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The causes of the fall of the Napoleonic Empire

The Napoleonic Empire, also known as the first French empire or the Napoleon Bonaparte empire began with its coronation in 1804, until the crown was removed 11 years later (1815). This empire highlighted by different characteristics, one of the best known were the Napoleonic wars where Britain, Russia and Prussia (current Poland, part of Russia and Germany);All these conflicts were the product of the tension that France still lived by the French Revolution.

Napoleon Bonaparte aspired to see France grow, that is, it became one of the greatest world powers, using all its resources and strategies to fulfill its purpose, including a great influence was Julio César in order to begin to have more authority andBeing able to achieve part of its mission in 1810 with much control in the European continent. Its empire was characterized by revolutionary ideas throughout the continent, in addition to facilitating the independence of several countries in America. A very important fact was the creation of the Napoleonic Code, currently known as the Civil Code of France that is still in force;Several countries such as Germany and Italy that had separated at the time joined this empire, also with a great change for France that was happening problems for the revolution to which they put them order, thus having prestige and honor again. Something very characteristic of this empire is also the impulse and support it gave to science and its research also popularizing a free education for all, thus also changing its strategies in the militia to have much more power against other powers, becomingOne of the best governments with others in Europe with great efficiency. And something very shocking within this was the discredit he gave to the Church, since they denounce his corruption and take away the clergy.

Within the causes that caused the fall of this famous empire we can highlight the fact that Bonaparte already in 1812 had a good base and power within France and the European continent, although this begins to decline since in the following year it weakensBy revenge of different states. The attacks began in England, Sweden, Austria, Prussia and Russia, so in France a chaotic and remedy atmosphere began to be created, so its leader Napoleon decides to create a last plan to recover the power that had previously hadhad within much of the territory, forming an army and obtaining the victory, which did not happen and staying 100 more days within the government. All these countries that had been against the Napoleonic Empire for Napoleon’s ambition win this battle, as well as the battle of Waterloo, thus leaving Bonaparte defeated and having to leave power and go exiled to an island, also returning all thelands he had taken within his government in France. And although this battle was the one that ended the Napoleonic Empire, the one that began with this attempt to remove Napoleon from the throne, that is why on June 21, 1813 there is the battle of Vitoria was not neglected.Start of all this revolution of removing the power of the French empire of Spain and its surroundings, after this battle shortly after they fall defeated before the battle of the nations in October of that same year. The following year Napoleon goes to the island of Elba, staying as an emperor, and although later (1815) he returns and this instead of returning tranquility to France for its leader the only thing that causes is even more tension between the continent, declaring himThus, the war different countries to Bonaparte to capture it, so it decides to be faster and attack to gain advantage, which does not happen, since all these countries previously appointed, led by the British, had even more strength and win in theWaterloo Battle, leaving Napoleon Bonaparte exiled in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean without escape until his death 6 years later.

After this instability in France, it begins to lift and accommodate with new territorial conquests, accommodations within the world map according to their territories, the monarchies end and many more rights for citizens begin to emerge and validating many others. Within the consequences of the fall of this empire, we can highlight the fact that Great Britain arises as one of the new and most important powers, in addition to something very important and interesting, such as the fact that this empire despite havingStarting to a large part of Europe, I help America in a certain way, more than anything to Latin American countries, since Europe is more focused on defeating Napoleon left these places more freedom.

We can emphasize that the intention of this empire began well, since it sought social development both in education and scientific advances as well as by the power of France to highlight in Europe, although this did not end well, since Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of France inThe time tries to highlight more, that is, he wantedHis initial vision had changed and was now guided by ambition, also emphasizing that on one occasion Napoleon highlights that all these wars that he had against his empire, more than anything with Spain had been the beginning of his misfortunes, since thanks toThis many other countries joined to defeat him, take away the power of France and arriving into exile.


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