The Causes And Realities Of Honduran Migration

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The causes and realities of Honduran migration


Honduras is a country full of wealth that offers a variety of tourist places and that contains a lot of potential to exploit. Social problems are situations that prevent a country from developing, therefore social problems can arise when there are people who cannot achieve their basic needs. The greatest causes of social problems are the lack of values, lack of education by the citizens of our country, lack of ambition and disintegration. 

Just as there are causes there are effects such as social inequality, unemployment and more illiteracy. Said previously we can find the different causes and effects and we can realize that we are really doing damage, we must create solutions for a better tomorrow. In Honduras, there are many people prepared and capable of getting the country forward, despite this there have been many social problems that have not allowed Honduras to move forward such as migration, migration.


Migration is defined as a social movement of the population that consists of leaving a place to settle in another region or country. In Honduras there are many people migrating, since the population cannot escape poverty. Poverty is a derivative of unemployment, since Honduras has a high unemployment rate. According to the Secretary of Labor, in 2018, the percentage of the affected population rises to 44% equivalent to 1.5 million people affected. Since it is very difficult to find a job in Honduras many people with low resources prefer to migrate to other countries to find a better life and earn the money they could not get in their own country. Many Hondurans choose to go to the United States, such as October 13, 2018, a group of Hondurans formed a ‘migratory caravan’ with more than 4,000 people covering dozens of children, babies, teenagers and adults. This caught the attention of the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, responding with a threat to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador with removing financial aid, this alarmed the countries previously mentioned. The issue of migration did not begin last year, migration to the United States began after Hurricane Mitch in November 1998, since Hurricane Mitch destroyed many homes and many families.

The majority of Hondurans not only migrate due to lack of employment, but for violence in our country and corruption. This theme of the caravans appeared everywhere and that was how Honduras stood out, for caravans and corruption giving a bad image to our country, since only people were taught, deaths, and the problems of our country and This is how caravans led Mexicans to take measures such as using tear gas, closing lime, singing their border and that led many migrants to be trapped in the bridge. This caravan theme appeared everywhere in the world.

The departure of many citizens makes the ability to produce goods and services and that greatly affects the economy of Honduras, on the contrary, they receive people who are looking for work and there are possibilities that immigrants take their work from citizens. Declared by the UN, immigrants send 414.000 million dollars to their countries. Undoubtedly, migration greatly affects the culture of the two countries, receiving countries adopt immigrant customs, such as the United States ceases to be an American-American country, since many people of Latin American origin inhabit the United States, Every day the United States adapt more and more to that Latin American culture, such as adapting to Spanish language and their meals, leaving the culture of the country originated by the culture of the country. It is also very difficult for immigrants, since it is a different country, different climate and being able to adapt for a long time, learning the new language, new customs, new economic motifs, climate and among others.


In conclusion, Honduras is a country full of wealth that offers a variety of tourist places and that contains a lot. Uniting we could bring possible solutions to get our country forward and find the root of the problem to eliminate it and improve the situation of Honduras not only socially, also economically because we are repeating mistakes we made hundreds of years ago.

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