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Tartufo literary work


The literary work Tartufo written by the playwright and comic writer Jean Baptiste Poquelin better known as Moliere, was born in Paris (France), on January 15, 1622 and died on February 17, 1673 in that same, he was considered one of theBetter writers of the French language, belonged to the bourgeoisie and the government of King Louis XIV, a right -lawed study by his father, but in reality his passion was the theater, an act that his father did not allow it, shortly after his studies ended, but theTitle gave it to his brother, he also received the inheritance of the family, with which he allocated to the creation of a theater company, but he failed taking him to debts that imprisoned Moliere.


The author Moliere had a great comic talent, his voice and his mimicry generated a lot of grace for people, this allowed his company to reach an unmatched point in comedy, he also knew the Spanish comedy and had fondness for Italian comedy, this allowed himWriting the following works: His first masterpiece is the beautiful ridiculous of 1659, then Don García de Navarra wrote 1661, then Tartufo of 1664 and his latest comic literary work the imaginary patient of 1673, the same date of his death, but those thoseScriptures led him to be recognized by the world.

Tartufo literary work belongs to the dramatic genre, because the author tells how his country behaved in the government of Louis XIV, hypocritical people who lied to be the belt of the Church for their own benefit, in order to deceive people, who were truebelievers, to be able to generate trust to enter those people and steal things of great use.

Tartufo work is a comedy structured in five acts each with their respective scenes, written in Alexandrian verses, it first premiered on May 12, 1664, but consisted of 3 acts. The work with the 5 acts was presented in 1669, the work tries that Orgón is a rather important character that has fallen under the influence of Tartufo, a false devoteto be able to enter your home and steal the inheritance of the family.

The main object of his criticism is the figure of false devoteTheme of the work is "the lie" that is critical for Moliere, that way he wants to reflect the bad policy in France and the defender the decision that the king made, he also shows how the people of that former policy of France were.

Tartufo is a comedy that reflects the actions that people committed in ancient France, the space was in the house of Orgón a quiet place, but with a little suspense because the relatives of Orgón did not trust Tartufo, instead the characters the charactersThey interacted and dialogue between them, in addition that house was the only one where everything that happened in the work was carried out, generates an environment of tension and mystery because the relatives of Orgón tried to unmask to Tartufo.

In this work, literary figures exist, these serve to give an expression with coherence, order and harmony, that is, it serves to give beauty to the written text, in the tartufo work there are these literary figures, one of these are the following: Loado is theHeaven, those of what the sky pleases them (metaphor), those are two of many in comedy, comedy is narrated in the first person because the characters tell the story from the point of view of each.

Tartufo comedy generates much attention for its plot, its characters and the dialogues between them, the characters within the work are very important, because with them the actions that the author places within the work are carried out, the main characters ofThe comedy are: Tartufo, a false devotee who gains Orgón’s confidence to steal his inheritance, Orgón, is the person deceived by Tartufo, Dorina is the faithful maid of Orgón, Damis is the son of Orgón, Mariana is the daughter ofOrgón, Valerio is Mariana’s girlfriend, Cleanto is the brother -in -law of Orgón and Madame Pernelle is Orgón’s mother, those are all the main characters that act in Tartufo’s work.


Tartufo literary work shows the falsehood in people, all subjects who wantUnfortunately in the present, such robberies are still practiced, in addition there are current. 

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