Sustainable Cultural Tourism In Indigenous Spaces

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Sustainable Cultural Tourism in indigenous spaces

 At present, interest in incorporating tourism activity for the development of indigenous peoples has emerged, this issue begins to be evident since 1963, when the International Union of Official Tourism Organizations (UIOOT) pointed out the usefulness of travelas a means to establish "value by value" exchanges between ethnic communities and tourists. In this sense, it is important2006).

Tourism begins to link in the issue of sustainability from the “Brundtland report” so after the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), defined sustainable tourism development as “the one that meets the needs of touristscurrent and of the receiving regions and at the same time protects and form the opportunities of the future.

The bibliographic reviews allow us to know the research developed in the field of cultural tourism in indigenous spaces, in the case of Mexico the work carried out near this topic Juárez et al (2013) that the main challenge of research consists of expanding knowledgeIn three specific areas: the community and negotiation between both domains, so that the interests and rights of all actors are represented in the initiatives undertaken by indigenous peoples.

It is important to mention that in 2013 a federal program was created that has an alternative tourism in indigenous areas (PTAZI) which seeks to contribute to the development of the indigenous population, through the execution of actions in the field of alternative tourism through supportTo organized groups, through actions aimed at the elaboration and execution of projects, which preserve, preserve and take advantage of their natural and cultural heritage, to help the improvement of their income, respecting the community organization of indigenous peoples, that is why, that is whyToledo (2002) that use of ancestral knowledge in tourism activity makes use of two epistemological approaches contained in self-knowledge: wisdom and knowledge. So this allows us to define as that set of knowledge associated with abstract forms of approach to reality, wisdom is formed in concrete experience (…). This means that the fundamental basis of tourism activity makes more weight to all ecological potentials and culture is part of a foundation of sustainable worlds, so that cultural tourism in indigenous communities represents a set of specific knowledgethat have been obtained through the knowledge they have acquired since ancient times;Communities allow cultural interaction.

Cultural heritage can be used to increase the local resources of the original communities linking in tourist activity, which represents a double -edged sword, first helps encourage economic resources and the second allows the revaluation of culture, in a waythat, the activity allows the benefit directly to the indigenous communities and they are the ones who establish their rules so that this activity can be developed. In a nutshell, Rosas (2010) tourism can be a positive weapon, in the sense that it allows the recognition of the valorization of culture, so it will allow the understanding and respect of the cultural legacy of the community.

By way of conclusion, it can be said that sustainable cultural tourism seeks that receiving localities be able to achieve social progress through the development of tourist activities that generate income and be distributed equally in the same community, it also allows reinforcingCultural values and social identity.

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